By copmagnet - 15/10/2010 00:43 - United States

Today, I got a $200 bonus at work and was super excited about getting a plane ticket to see my family. On the way back from work I got a $300 speeding ticket. FML
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dudeitsdanny 9

Is this normal for a speeding ticket? Seems awfully high to me. Unless you're gonna win the grand prize, take it down a notch Speed Racer.

Should've bribed the cop $150


lmfao yep, better luck next time

smooth move x-lax

YDI for driving above speed limit, morons like u don't understand rules and regulations

cantfightfate 0

haha 34=prude.

Xrated_exctasy 0

36- I most certainly don't want to be driving with people like you on the road.

36 - The flow of traffic is almost always 5mph above the limit, but 34/32 (can't remember) is right that OP is a complete idiot. Anyways, congratz OP on doing something that's completely your own fault!

cantfightfate 0

I love how you assume I'm a horrible driver because I don't go the exact speed limit. 5-10 over is average. Get over it, grandma.

Xrated_exctasy 0

if you were referring to me, I definitely didn't assume that you were a HORRIBLE driver, but if you think it's "prude" to follow a traffic law, then obviously my life would be at a higher risk driving with you.

Not that I disagree with you, but why are you commenting on the use of rules and regulations, when you're clearly ignoring the rules of proper spelling and grammar?

WallyTheWombat 0

20 mph over the limit is a 280$ ticket where I live. I wonder how fast op was going.

you don't understand this because you are a child, the fml here is that in the real world you have to work for your many, this person was finally financially able to to go see their family and your gonna fault him? immature to say the least

MissErikaHart 0

get on a payment plan if u can

Lighten up asshole

Should've bribed the cop $150

Seems really fast were you going?!

dudeitsdanny 9

Is this normal for a speeding ticket? Seems awfully high to me. Unless you're gonna win the grand prize, take it down a notch Speed Racer.

dudeitsdanny 9

And to all the people saying/ who will say not to speed: We all go a couple miles or more over the limit. I said what I said with the assumption it's a high ticket for a really high speed.

300 is pretty normal. my husband got a ticket for around 350 for speeding... in my car...

FFML_314 11

May your husband rest in peace.

FFML_314 11

Many, many pieces.

RODEOqueen 0

It doesn't matter the car you're in... Your husband gets the ticket, not you. In Texas anyway...

I wouldn't say the whole point she was trying to make was whether she'd have to pay the ticket or not. It's the fact that he was recklessly driving in her car, even if they're married, it is her property. They're lucky it was just a ticket and not an accident.

sourgirl101 28

Most couples share expenses so a husband's debt is a wife's debt. (: My husband got a few tickets driving to Texas (I have 2 sisters out there). Me?(*knocks on wood) never caught!

OMG 24 has a brain I like you. know wonder your husband loves you.

KaleidoscopePope 0

I was fined 380 bucks for going 37 in a 25..but that was my 2nd ticket in 3 months.

everyone speeds. we all know it. We just don't all admit it. in Australia, a $300 fine isn't much. I got a $466 fine a while ago. and that was only 20 miles over the limit

Only 20 miles? You're an idiot.

RedPillSucks 31

Anything more than 10 miles over the limit gets you a really high speeding fine, and points on your license. OP. If you haven't had any other traffic violations in a long time, ask the judge for a "Prayer for Judgment Continuance" (PJC for short). It's like a "get out of jail free" card. Just don't screw up again or you'll get the past violations and the next one as well.

38 - Good job on the ticket, dumbass.

It depends what state you are in. Not all state do the points thing either.

People, please put comment 38 in perspective: he's talking about a fine in Australian dollars, not real dollars. His 466 Australian dollars is about 20 bucks in real dollars.

you mean in -American- money. real money. -rolls eyes- how juvenile can you get?

dudeitsdanny 9

That's also wrong. Not a big difference in our currencies. Probably a troll.

right? You have yo be going reaaally fast for a $300 ticket.

FFML_314 11

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Asstastic4 0

That is a huge cock! Seriously.

Shookitup 0

Don't speed, or get pregnant. you'll die.

pregnancy kills O.O

Shookitup 0

"Don't have sex, or you'll get pregnant... And die." :D

yes pregnancy kills. when a cow comes out it rips her apart and all you here is mooooooo. also why in the hell is nooooooo with 7 zeros in my spell check on my iPod??

mean girls. :D "don't have sex; or you will get pregnant.. and die..... now; everybody grab some rubbers."

HAHA that's so unfortunate, oops.

Colt14 0


hahahaha. :)

blahblahblah1234_fml 0

ydi for getting caught

why speed home? ):