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Today, I found out that my classmates hate me so much that they have a seating arrangement where people have to sit next to me on a rotating basis. A fight broke out yesterday because someone tried to skip their turn. FML
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At that point its probably at least partially your fault...


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What a bunch of sensitive *******! Seriously that's ******* stupid. What could someone do to get that much hate?

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Well OP must have done SOMEthing for them to hate him/her so much...that or he/she just has assholes for classmates...I wonder which is more likely. BUT if it's more of a "bullying" situation than I'm sorry you deal with these people on a daily basis

Either you smell, or you're just an asshole. You should probably figure out which it is, OP.

But if you're an asshole, you'd still smell.

p just needs to stop being "that guy". It's probably why he's hated so much

In highschool there was a girl who changed to our school in year 9. At first we thought she was a bit weird and shy, but after a while it became apparent that she had some kind of learning disability or autism or I have no idea what but she became 'That girl' - I'll call her D. As my friendship group was the one initially tasked with showing the new girl around the school she ultimately clung onto us and we only realised too late how annoying she was. She'd laugh or smile at the most inappropriate times - e.g. when someone's telling a horrific story about a death or a rape or something. We'd be having a conversation and she'd butt in and say something completely and utterly random, with that really odd vacant smile constantly plastered on her face. D wasn't the kind of person you could ever really be friends with because nothing you said could get through to her. However she clung to us, who were at best the only people who were kind enough to be nice to her - nobody else could stand her. One thing I found really annoying was that in class she always sat between me and my best friend and I'd have to lean over her to talk to my best friend. I never hated D, I just couldn't like her (nobody could, really). But I guess what I'm trying to say it's not necessarily the OP's fault nobody can stand sitting next him/her... because with D I'm pretty sure she had some kind of learning difficulty or something and that's just the way she was.

That sounds like me, I have Aspergers and do that constantly without knowing it. A group has taken me in and makes sure I'm okay. Although some freshman group has made it their mission to insult me constantly. I ignore them and move on because they are just jerks. Have a good day and fight on, they can only make you seem weak, but you are stronger than all of them where it counts. Your friends understand this and will protect you no matter where you are.

Ps: I was talking to the girl that he was talking about.

#106 Except you would have been much easier to deal with because you KNOW you do that sometimes. I can also be oblivious/tactless and while I might not recognise that's what I'm doing at the time, I am aware that that is one of my flaws and I apologise whenever someone points out I have put my foot in my mouth again. This girl seemed.... REALLY out of it... I don't think she ever realised she annoyed people and while we sometimes tried to tell her when she was being inappropriate, you could just see that she wasn't getting it, she'd just sort of nod and keep that irritating vacant smile on her face... I don't know why it was so annoying but it was. She wasn't just socially awkward, she unfortunately wasn't very intelligent either (I mean, really. We had an assignment where we had to analyse a poem and present a speech on it and she chose a poem that mentioned owls in one sentence. She somehow made the focus of her speech almost entirely on the fact that owls are wise because they wear glasses. I'm serious.) She may have noticed that people weren't always nice to her - even I have to admit a couple times I got really cross with her - but I don't think she was ever aware that she was socially awkward. It is much easier to be patient and understanding towards someone who while might suffer from some intellectual or social impairment is at least aware of it and so can apologise when they've crossed the line or can be reasoned with to some extent so the effects aren't so bad.... It would at least make it possible to connect with the person and become friends on some level but D was just so lost down the track. :( P.S. I'm a girl. Not sure why you thought I was a he, not many guys would be brave enough to have the nickname 'SneezyBear' :P

maybe he uses stupid words like swag and yolo

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@SneezyBear This has got to be one of the saddest things I've read on here. I hope she's able to find someone who will like her, eccentricities and all, because nobody really deserves this.

#missalice Sadly she's more than just eccentric - I have never met a single eccentric person I didn't like, so long as they were nice of course. Maybe she'll meet someone just as lost as she is and they'll hit some kind of mutual understanding and connect lol, but sadly I think being nice to her and actually liking her are two different things and I'm not sure if anyone will ever like her... D had the mentality of a child - actually no, worse, because even a child would know not to laugh at stories about death. She really was just .... lost. I'm not sure if there's anyone out there who is able to like someone they can never connect with at any level (because to me that's essential - I can easily make friends with someone I don't agree with it, even people I don't necessarily like that much, so long as I find them interesting or can connect with them in some way). You couldn't connect with D, there was nothing there to connect with. You'd say something to her and she'd reply vacantly with something completely irrelevant; it wasn't just some of the time it was all of the time. The funny thing is, she apparently got a bf (although I think it lasted for about a week) when she went for a holiday in Sydney, and one of my more superficial friends was really upset because she didn't have a bf (and wanted one)... and D has a bf. (WHY/HOW did D get a bf and I DIDN'T! WAAAAAAAA!). Some of us tried to comfort her; I pre much just laughed. We all agreed though that it was likely the guy was just interested in her for her looks, and we were actually really worried that she'd get raped or taken advantage of because she still had no real clue what sex was despite numerous sex ed classes. Thankfully it didn't last long and I hope that during the short time it did last nothing terrible like that happened to her. I do hope that D is able to connect with somebody at some point, and I do hope she find someone who likes her, I just feel that it's unlikely. But who knows? Here's for hoping.

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Probably to the song "Hello, Goodbye"

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lmao , this made me literally "lol"

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So are you laughing your ass off or laughing out loud? You seem to not be too sure which one...

KyraJFoxx 14

well considering one cannot literally laugh their ass off , I'm pretty sure I'd have to go with laughing out loud. But the last I checked "lmao" is still being used to reference when something is considered to be really funny...but I'm sure you know couldn't possibly be that dense. sorry to disappoint.

If I understood correctly, she's laughing her ass off at the fact that the comment she replied to made her laugh out loud, and not figuratively so.

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Thank you #84 ! you have a much better way of explaining it lol. At least I now know I haven't gone crazy , someone got what I meant :)

TheElBurrrito 21

87: I'm sure I speak for everyone when I say we understood what you were going for. But the fact that you had to say "lmao" and "Lol" in the same sentence; it's just redundant. With that said, people automatically take offense, and turn to insult by condescending those who oppose them. But you couldn't be that immature....

KyraJFoxx 14

Great logic...but no. You actually just caught me in a real shitty mood and I happened to take anger out on your comment towards me. so I apologize #128 because I WAS being "that immature". Plus I was having fun commenting randomly on FML (was my first day) ...than you came along and killed my fun. But I guess that's what happens on FML so no point in getting snarky

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groovycrazyjoe 18

there is a reason why no one wants to sit next to him

I agree with #3, there has to be a huge reason why they all don't want to sit next to him, maybe it's not that he stinks, but it has to be something.

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And thats probably not it Im sure OP is leaving stuff out. No way every single person doesnt like him/her wuthout a reason

Unless he was born in the wrong part of the world or he has a different religion or believes in, GASP, evolution.

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51 - I don't think you read their comment correctly.

At that point its probably at least partially your fault...

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It's hard to believe that an entire class would hate someone without reason.

honestly, its not. when I was in third grade, the entire rest of the school turned on me for no reason. I went through much worse than the fml describes until my sophomore year in high-school. I never did anything to make them hate me, nor did I do anything to change the popular opinion of myself. kids can be very ugly to one another if no adults step in and do anything about it.

Even if adults step in, kids can be very cruel..

#46 I know how it feels. That happened to me from 5th grade all the way to 8th. Nobody would talk to me except for my only friends named Mary and Carol. I would constantly get things thrown at me in the middle of class. One time in 8th grade, a guy even said he would rape me if he ever caught me alone. I was afraid to say anything so I made sure I always walked with either Mary or Carol between classes. :/ Funny how I am now one of the most liked people in my class.

What the hell @#59..If he makes a comment like that then.. I feel as of he might've already done it to someone.. That is sexual harrasment.. And it's great you managed to turn that around!:D

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^^^^ This I know the feeling all too well, put up with it from since I was a little kid, all the way to senior year in high school. Just do what I did and say screw the haters. They wanna give you shit for no reason, then they're not even worth your time, and I'm sure there's some people in your class who don't hate you

Not exactly. Several years back, when I was just done with grade school, my "friends" from school started harrassing me online. Those girls are "popular" in school now, and I have not given any of them one word of kindness, because they brought me to the point of being nearly suicidal within two months. I'm moving away in the summer, so I'm glad I don't have to deal with those bitches anymore. They're still nasty as ****, even after five years.

Ya OP you probably just smell bad and need to take a shower more often.

Ah man, you're THAT guy. Sorry man, at my school I'm friends with 'That Guy' and they torture him constantly. They're just not worth it manz

Well at least 'that guy' that you know has friends...

or 5 is "the other guy" who always hangs with "that guy"

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I was friends with "That guy" in middle school. I stuck up for him & everything. Then in 8th grade he betrayed me for a CHANCE to be cool! He wasn't... I still was. Then I beat him up.

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I prefer pulling straws but whatever floats your botat.

mpj13 8

30- My guess was the one that was spelled wrong and the one that would fit in context. Now that that is done, what part of your comment(s) are supposed to be funny/smart?

Did you honestly come to, with the sole intention of detracting from other peoples comments while adding neither a humorous nor enlightening one? Man, if your life sucks that hard, you should write an FML, so we can all write humorous things in it's thread so that you can detract from those too.

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Ironichalibut, you're making absolutely no sense. Just give up. PS - Your profile info is extremely ironic based on your last few comments. I guess your name rings true.

I prefer to think I'm far too sensible for the intelligences of the internet. Read a little closer though, I dislike when people only comment to point out flaws in others comments and be jerks, without adding at all. I do realize my comments in this thread are more or less as such, but most of my comments are humorous or intelligent, and these are at least the latter. My justification being that I get agitated by people who detract rather than contribute. P.S.- It's IRON Ichalibut, ironically. P.P.S- Never give up, Never Surrender.

30- Holy moly. I guess it's dumb-down time. My guess is that mpj13 was making a joke because his phone made a typo. He's showing an exaggerated(and clearly joking) example of what he could've been saying. Not so funny when it has to be explained to you, is it?

So start sitting in different spots everyday! Then their little game will be over with. Just ignore them, not worth your time. FYL OP

I wouldn't say such a thing could be ignored :/

Dude ignore the fucktards and revel in your power.

But how would ******* them help? And stay positive for what?:o

Probably HIV, if he's ******* his whole class.

I can't really say FYL or YDI because this FML needed more information.