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Today, a friend of mine sent me a message saying, "Man, I am so sorry but we were both really drunk and I swear it didn't mean anything." FML
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That....... is an issue.

That sucks, but I love how you phrased it.


wonder who started it FIRST...

that's what happens when gay guys succeed in getting straight guys drunk :(

what?! strait guys get drunk all the time, they dont go having sex with the gays.

I would check to see who did who either way one day you'll be gay fyl

#1 good effort. OP, that sucks. At least your friend was upfront with you. Why was the gf even in a situation where this could happen?

btw I'm assuming it was a gay hook up cause it makes me lol harder :p

was your assh0le sore this morning?

^^^ When I first read that I thought it said "... because it makes me harder." Lol omg I'm sleepy

i read it like that too

mr.Zante where did you go mr.Zante?!?!?

This could totally be a 'TFLN (text from last night). FYL, OP! Hope you dumped your girlfriend and your supposed to be friend.

My friend is straight but he got drunk and he made out with a guy -.-

You're obviously one of them...this is all part of your plot...isn't it? I mean come one...look at that outfit in you avatar ;)

@62, that doesn't sound very straight. no matter how drunk I am I would never consider making out with another guy

clearly, your friend wasn't as drunk as you.

clearly, your friend wasn't as drunk as you.

hahha I thought u said, " because it makes me harder" too haha this FML is for sure my favorite ever.. I seriouslly thought the same thing. for sure gay action haha

Haha! I read "a LOT harder" :D

A lot of guys have a constant craving for sex and not to be loyal to their girlfriend or doing stuiped stuff like getting drunk and having sex with a friends girlfriend? That is not cool at all. I have never cheated on my girlfriend and never plan to. I am also not obsessed with sex. I hate this stuiped shit that happens when you get drunk or whatever.

keep that same line of thought when you turn 17!

That....... is an issue.

great conversation starter

That sucks. I guess you are about to be single?

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Hmph, you're an idiot...

That sucks, but I love how you phrased it.

damn, that SUCKS.....literally.......

Meh, you just killed two birds with one stone! Here's to a fresh start.

so what if you sucked his cock or he sucked yours.

what THE fuck? ,lol

That really who was the top??