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Today, I got a speeding ticket. I wrote a check, and on the way to deposit my fine, I got another one. I put both fines in a box down town, and I turned around to see a cop putting a parking ticket under my wind-shield wiper. FML
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FFML_314 11

I have a wild suggestion. Don't speed and don't park where you're not supposed to.


the_sodomizer 0

when in doubt bust on her ****

Blue_Coconuts 7

Obviously this means you need to stop driving. You can't follow the speed limit, and can't park in the designated parking spots. Let me guess, you don't wear a seatbelt, and drive drunk every so often? Get off the roads.

47 echoes the hearts and minds of every male who is sick of woman drivers

Giorgio272 2

I speed all the time op. but we are different you and I. itself I am not a complete douche. second I don't get caught.

47. says the person doing a wheelie in his picture lol

wow're a wise one eh? even the fact that the OP is a male, you surely must stick to your chauvinistic "opinions"..dipshit.

islandjew247 0

Says the guy popping a wheelie on the friend just got his license suspended for that, lol.

Hi_Itz_Me 0

#74, I love how you put quotations around "opinions" when there was none needed. You can't disagree that that is his opinion. #48, women are bad but not nearly as bad as Kansas drivers. I fear for my life when I'm in KC Kansas.

Sorry mates but it's another guy look at the gender.

I don't believe 47 pic is him, he changes it all the time. But idk. Anyways OP YDI. I also speed but have never been caught. I have been in a serious accident though. Wasn't my fault however.

Shookitup 0

I bet you the guy that gave you a ticket is reading this and laughing ^.^

Macromartyr 3

Maybe you should listen to some rules??

88: Then do yourself a favor and stay away from DC and MA. Particularly MA-- those Massholes can be terrifying.

Only one person got my joke :[ or at least took the time to make a comment about it

Blue_Coconuts 7

103, I change my picture, but they're all pictures of me.... As for the stunt, my buddy was just getting some pictures of me riding, and as much as I'd like to say it was intentional, it wasn't. I just hit too much throttle and the front end popped up. I damn near pissed myself, but the picture looks good.

mellowjello22 0

47s comment is fakin ironic wen u lewk at his picture

JokingJoe 0

48-win. but unfortunately this man drives poorly.

This is why some people should not drive.

iloveweezy 0

hey why the heck do you have an FML account "Blue Coconuts"? cause this site is for funny FMLs. it's people like you killin the mood that make it not fun. this is no place for advice. take your butt to delete your profile. we hate you

^^^ Crikey! Lookit the soize 'uh that Beaver! Must be named Justin

lol, I cut the mop off. Time for a picture update!

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VolleyballSMASH 1

yes, time for a picture update, mushroom head.

I thought 15 had a pic of that douchebag millionaire real estate guy from Bravo. Oops. O.o

88 dont be dissin kansas drivers. i think ur confusin us with kc mo, not kc ks. women from kcmo are the worst

Hi_Itz_Me 0

first of all #173, you commented on the wrong comment. second, I will admit, the women drivers here do suck also, but all of Kansas should get their licenses revoked.

1st time-fluke 2nd time-accident 3rd time-Aw, you totally deserve it.

PrimeStarscream 30

Good god op!! Hope your not under 18 cause you just lost your license!

are you seriously that retarded to park in an illegal parking space 3 times in one day?

are you retarded? read it again dumbass. op got a speeding ticket and on the way to pay the fine, got another one. and when paying for the fine got a parking ticket. one trip....

Raleigh_bruh 7

That sucks. He's just doing his job.

miniluda12 12

ikr, park correctly next time

miniluda12 12

ikr, park correctly next time

NorcalOunce 0

dude no. karmas a bitch though. mustve done something...

whatever he's doing he needs to stop it lmao

Hi_Itz_Me 0

Ya, he was probably SPEEDING.

Yep. OP drove fast, buy karma was faster.

the_flirtt 0

3 times the charm and u have the worst luck ever

FFML_314 11

I have a wild suggestion. Don't speed and don't park where you're not supposed to.