By rileynautumn - 13/06/2011 19:04 - United States

Today, after a full shift at work, I got home to my boyfriend playing CoD, a full sink, crap all over the table, a full cat box, dirty bathroom, no laundry done and the kids at my parents' house. He yelled at me because the place was a mess. FML
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saIty 17

Tell me his user, so I can butt **** him with the chopper.

Lazy. If he's living there too then he should take part in cleaning.


Lazy. If he's living there too then he should take part in cleaning.

flockz 19

unless he's too busy playing COD....

Sounds like you picked a winner! first off i wouldnt ever let anyone do my laundry since im paranoid they will mess my clothes up somehow, and i cant live in filth... idk how some people do it -_-.. id tell him to get his shit together and if not kick him out

Well if I had a boyfriend who was to busy to play Call of Duty than help me clean OUR house, which I was paying for, or pay attention to me, then he'd be out on his ass paying his own way.

Why is OP complaining?! She picked him as her boyfriend! If she's tired of his shit then pack his bags and kick him out.

do20ss 4

mayb he pays for the house...

So that makes it easier for her. She can leave. Duh.

flockz 19

exactly 43. plus no one is even realizing that the boyfriend might be a professional gamer and he is the main income for their household. everyone shouldn't just jump to "dumping" him.

He was probably mothered until he moved out. He is obviously 20+ maybe it's time for him to grow up and put the childish games away to help his life partner.. My boyfriends the same way, it's why I sold his xbox.

McAninch35 9

You're the devil.

meggieh815 0

47- Original Poster.

SoundnVasion 0

52 I hop

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KiddNYC1O 20

Yawn. Don't shit on video games because you didn't learn how to hold the controller at birth. They're quite entertaining no matter what age.

However I play cod as well.. But there is a time when enough is enough.. And neglecting chores shouldn't be an option when it comes to sharing accommodations..

llZombiell 5

haha ik right

Or he makes enough money to not have to work everyday of the week and he pays for the house and cat and crap all over the place and the Xbox and the electricity and water and she just made 64 dollars off of her "full" shift at work... Probably not, but it does happen.

Mikekenny 0

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original person,(: it's ridiculous a child is more mature than adults!

AttucisFinch 0

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So that justifies a home being kept in filth? If he pays for the house, he can live in filth? Never mind that he is a grown man who has CHILDREN, hey, he pays for the house so he doesn't have to lift a finger. I pay that large, large majority for our house and I take huge pride in how it looks BECAUSE I'm damn well paying for it and, you know, because I'm an adult that does have the ability to do the washing and clean a few dishes. Anyone past the age of 21, especially if they have chosen the commitment of living with someone else, be that a housemate or a boy/girlfriend has absolutely no excuse for being so lazy they'd rather sit back and live like a farm animal.

jus_roll_with_it 0

You my friend, well simply put, you are a DOUCHE! Regardless how much he makes, if he is sitting at home he needs to be productive! Especially after she just worked her full shift! At least she is trying to help! OP, he is a douche too! I understand that COD is fun (I play it myself) BUT when you have kids and a home to take care of COD should not be your priority....

well you're right op! FUCK YOUR LIFE for choosing a horrible bf and having kids with him!!! what the bloody hell were you thinking for giving the ******* crapshit son of a bitch bastard kids?!??!?

austinkiser 3

tell him that u can only stay in the kitchen the others is his job

@52 You sound like a bitch. I don't even own a console or play much games but the fact that you would take away someones enjoyment because you consider it "childish"? Maybe you should grow up cause you are truly childish.

Denikk 0

oposable penis

274- I was a bitch only because my boyfriend would rather engage his priority in a stupid gaming console, rather then help out around the house. Clearly you need to take a look in the mirror, you are probably gonna turn out just like OPs boyfriend. And besides, a console is a hobby. Not a life style for someone who is 20+.

I think it's time for a new boyfriend..

Typical idiot who plays CoD

flockz 19

haha this comment is going to get so many thumbs down but i just gotta say that all u people on here that think playing games is childish for 20+ year olds, you're wrong. i know many 20+ year olds who play video games all the time and they aren't slobs. jess blondie an the other chick who was bitchy enough to sell her bf's xbox, you are the ones who need to grow up. my girlfriend and i are both really big gamers, but we are also very clean people as well. If some of you chicks would actually play then u might find out that u like gaming as a hobby as well. just because some people are slobs doesn't mean video games were the cause. 90% of guys play video games so if you're trying to find one who doesnt, good luck getting laid. Peace

Well I never said ALL men are slobs. BUT when these men are neglecting important things for a console that is VERY childish. Especially when you have commitments to your girlfriend and children. There is a time and a place for all things.

356 selling his xbox is wayyyy overboard. creating a schedule or telling him when he can or cannot play is much more efficient and good for everyone. he can enjoy doing what he likes and you get help around the house. So why don't you two go out to gamestop and buy him another one?

I sold his other one because he broke it out of anger of being asked to help out. I caused him to die during cod.. So I sold it for parts. He went out to buy his own long ago. Still neglects his house work for it too.

who's to say she's not a stripper?

#50 No. Just no. Time to destroy his game, Uninstall it and shatter it! X)

You are a horrible person #52.

Tactical Knife his bitch ass

tell him to clean his shit up or he can't complain

Yeah I play video games, but there has to be a line somewhere...least he should do is clean up his shit.

Yeah I mean how does a man get a bathroom dirty, but still buts poop on the table!

well if he has marathon pro it will be hard then again she might have slight of hand

haha i think 2 was da funniest

ugh no tac knives in cod anymore... duh.

Tuesdaythe10th 11

What a camper noob

Uhhhhh doesn't matter bro. The new games aren't necessarily the law of cod. Personally I had more fun on Cod4 and Cod3 than on any other game ever. But mw2 and Blackops were awesome as well in their own ways.

Tactical Knives always work but I'm a big fan of Tomahawks.

Captain_Zorro 7

MW3 was so much better

MW3 isn't out yet...

People have connections to get Mw3 early. I don't play video games that much but when I play with my brother we play Cod4 or Mw2.

thePr3da1i3nrulz 4

Beat him and then teabag his sorry ass!!!

55, cod is some serious shit. Just because OP's boyfriend wants some time off to play a ******* amazing game doesn't mean the work won't get done.

pablothepenguin 2

I prefer going try hard with my famas with a suppressor... or my new experiment: m14 pyro (:

Dreamkiller51 5

sight of hand my ass... OP u should use Commando Pro so u can tactical knife his bitch ass from work!

Anyone tired of nuketown?

Ay yo 3 things. 1. Jess. Damn you look good. 2. Nuketown only gets old if you die too much. 3. Shut up about cod it's getting annoying. First rule of cod club. Don't talk about cod.

Xx_Dakota_xX 1

black ops is sucks ass...mw2 is the shit

ooohh shit. You know who else is absolutely beautiful? That Rosie girl in the new transformers movie. She looked at how beautiful a girl could be and surpassed that by a long shot.

ur a girl and u play cod

Yeah she is. I think that Megan Fox is a lot prettier than her though. I don't know why they kicked her off of the movie. And yes, lots of girls play Cod. We like video games too.

captainTexas84 0

it's all about balistic knifes!!

what does OP mean?

Kylias 6

^@2 OP, post his Tag, there's plenty of BAMFs who come here who can make him miserable. :>

264, it means oversized penis. Jk, it means Original Poster

MissBunnyWillEat 11

epilepsy, you're a douche... but I love your comments.

Hey Bunny!!! I'm not just a douche Im a douche mother ******* bag, and an asshole, and a dick. I am possibly the meanest person on this entire website because I don't care what any of you people think of me. In real life I'm actually a nice guy, I call every lady ma'am and every man, sir. I also respect every persons viewpoint. But with limited response capability I have to be direct as possible. I personally think you are very attractive, annoying, but actually probably a really nice girl. Well Bye bye.

MissBunnyWillEat 11

Thats a nice novel, you got there. This isn't eharmony, bro. You can stop telling us about your life. Despite your bitching, i still find your comments amusing. so stfu.

MetalBoi 0


Close but no cigar. Sorry bro!

gleek47 0

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Agreed, MW3 will be amazing. UMP45 and M4A1 is back Woohoo!

*cough cough*extremesupergeeks*cough cough*

NagatoPain 4

*cough*cough* get skills *cough*

If your username is NagatoPain, why do you have a picture of Sasuke?

saIty 17

Tell me his user, so I can butt **** him with the chopper.

YouknowIsaiditfi 0

I made the 69th thumbs up =)

ZombieeeeUnicorn 1

haha guess what? no one cares :P

more ppl care about his comment than yours :p

that's why he's called your boyfriend not husband.

that's why he should be called an ex. Boys will only treat you as badly as you let them.

That's true. OP needs to lay down the law, or kick his ass out.

FTC_Socialist 3

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It's not sexist at all. If the FML was about a girl being a lazy ass, making the man bring home the money and cleaning all of the house, I'd be saying the same damn thing. Now stop pointing fingers when your statement is irrelevant.

hook_em 0

she is clearly not being sexist my ex gf was the same way except there was no cod involved she was just a lazy irresponsible person. it was a burden on me going to school, playing baseball, and trying to keep the town house clean. so I know OP's feelings and what 69 girl is saying it goes both ways

time for a new one OP . never stay with someone who doesn't help or make you happy ! even if you guys have kids .

Yes, I do have morals

qwacktastick 8

147 - Fuckin retard, you don't even know what your talking about.

226 I dont think you have much morals I seen you comment on every little thing j can understand commenting once are twice but not more that 30 times get off here and get a life.

MissBunnyWillEat 11

hey, 313, take a nice sip of shut the **** up.

really COD? Halo is better.

Wait, he crapped all over the table? Sick bastard!

rockerguy73 0

no it's saying crap as in junk and trash.

Woah, woah, woah. You can't assume it means junk. He could've literally defecated on the table.

do you have a brain?

It's called sarcasm. It's not really that hard to catch.

gabe2014 0

hahaha! my chest hurts from laughing!

Tell him his Xbox will join the dishwasher if he doesn't get it done. He'll listen =).

skaterblue12 0

good idea

Mrrevorp 0

that kind of torture should be illegal

you sir, have the creepiest profile pic in existence.

Video Games are not stupid, they're a great way to pass time.

yes they're great to pass the time when you're bored and make great fun just as long as you don't overdo it. Just be glad it's not WoW cause yea that's way worse than CoD

FAG. You should be butt raped for giving advice to a woman about how to get a man to work.

I know I'll probably get a lot of thumbs down but uh... I really don't like cod... Battlefield is where it's at. Every cod game is the same. Even the creator of mw3 said in an interview "that mw2 could er... mw3 will have interchangeable scopes" and that's pretty much the only new addition in mw3 They even got lazy on another thing. Spec ops mode and multiplayer will have the same maps, no difference between the two. Sound like combat training? But it's not cuz it's called spec ops mode.

@384 i completly agree i have been with battle feild since cod started going to shit been with it since bf3

mom2pen 4

dump the cat box on his lazy head, get the kids, and GO!!!

What the hell is in your profile picture?

qwacktastick 8

It looks like a pig with wings.