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Today, I got my colonoscopy results back. I had hoped they'd show what's been causing my stomach pains for the last few weeks, but instead it turns out that my colon is healthy and normal. I basically got cornholed for no goddamn reason. FML
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My colonoscopy results showed that I had crohn's disease. If you're unhappy with yours, let's trade


At least you eliminated one possible cause of the problem...

Nightwing98 22

What an idiot. This is basically "Today, I found out my colon is healthy. FML."

And at least OP doesn't have colon cancer.

My mom got a colonoscopy, before the surgery you have to drink god awful tasting liquids that most people cant even keep down.. I can see how op would be upset by having to do this but not find the problem.

Also he had a pipe shoved up his ass...

Iknoweverything 29

Eliminated one possible cause of the problem at a couple hundred to a couple thousand bucks depending on insurance! At least if they found something, OP would be treated, would have had a reason to be practically molested with medical instruments, and wouldn't have to pay money for further tests.

Dr0reos 8

Well now you know OP, now you know

I hope I never need to have a :oscopy (that should totally be the new short form of the word).

You got cornholed for peace of mind

20- i have little faith that you actually know what that is.. Here try this, take one of those "Go-Pro" cameras, attach it to a garden hose, and shove it up your ass and take some pictures. Redneck procedure.

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I was going to tell a gay sex joke, butt **** it. Cum on guys, gay sex jokes aren't even that funny.

70 accomplished posting some of the only puns ever to make me laugh on FML. Here's your medal.

Up your butt with a.. medical instrument!

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You know you liked it......

Have a colonoscopy & let's see if you still say the same. O_o

geerod22 5

Did I say anything about liking it myself?

They knock you out, you don't feel a thing. The worst is the night before having to drink awful cleansing solution, then spending the night on the toilet. Also, the whole pipe isn't shoved up your arse. SMH

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Its not bad. The only thing bad is that I had to eat mostly liquid stuff for two days prior and take some solution to cleanse your bowels. I wound up having a smaller appetite after that.

Theres up pick-up line in there somewhere...

Hey there, oh! You're in photography school too? Why don't I shove a camera up your ass. Don't worry, it's for educational purposes.

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That there is a posthumous multiple corn hole entry wound.

My colonoscopy results showed that I had crohn's disease. If you're unhappy with yours, let's trade

I saw a documentary about crohn's disease on tv once. I'm so sorry you have it. Must be terrible. :( It must really put things into this FML.

I have something similar to Crohns disease, I had to have my colon removed, and now I have an ileostomy, so you should be happy everything was fine!

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I have it as well. It's really terrible, but you get used to it eventually. It did, however, cause me to become manic depressive.

I have it too :o it sucks. But it gets easier over time =]

I have uc and had my colon removed last summer. This guy needs to stop complaining. Id so much rather had a colonoscopy showing nothing was wrong then showing what i actually had.

Hey, same here. I've had it for the past 8 years. I was diagnosed as an 90 lb 10 year old. I would LOVE to trade

Well the FML may be slightly about the fact that he didn't find the source of the pain, but it's still pretty stupid, and he was hinting more to the fact that he had a colonoscopy for nothing so it's still stupid

161, I also have had my colon removed, I was 13. It is very hard to be in pain, and have tests done, and it comes back normal, of course that's a good thing, although when you know there's something wrong, it's very depressing!

Did they do a biopsy while in there? Sometimes the camera doesn't show the early stages of inflammation.

TarieBoo 2

thanks for the repeat of three's comment! -.-

TarieBoo 2

thanks for the repeat of three's comment! -.-

They posted almost at the same time, 3 seconds apart

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I have only seen 2 comments from shayshayshaz and both times people hated on her. And for that I am sorry.

Well personally ShayShay, I have liked your comments. Especially one from a more recent FML.

Welcome to the club. Here is your donut to sit on...

You're complaining that you're healthy?

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I understand, but it sounds as if OP would have been more satisfied if they did find something wrong with him

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Yeah, I was kinda rude. But there is something wrong with him. He's just upset they didn't find it with that test or with another one before that. Getting a probe up the ass is kinda emasculating, I'd bet.

It's really hard to be sick and the tests come back normal, I went through that several times!

my motto: it's an exit not a receptacle

37- THAT'S your motto? How often do you use that catchphrase?

i have many. as you can probably tell, I don't have much of a life going on, so i haven't used that motto enough for it to be a catch phrase :

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even if there was something wrong itd probably still be on fml

When I was going through tests after tests, I would get mad/sad when it came back normal, because I knew something was not right, it gets very depressing!

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shyann I've been through it 4 times and am going through it right now...It's been almost 5months and yeah it ia depressing