By fulloshit - 28/11/2010 02:17 - United States

Today, I woke up with extreme stomach pains. After being rushed to the hospital and having numerous tests performed, I was told my intestines were over-stretched with stool. I'm essentially so full of shit it hurts. FML
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redbeater 5

aww shit.

I shouldn't be laughing, but I am.


penelopecruise 2


bamagrl410 31

I bet this gets modded in the next hour or so. You fail. No one is interested.

i wish my penis could be over stretched :(

PushMyButtons 5

I thought about that penis comment and it reminded me of the taffy puller in a willy wonka movie......

deannoz 0

Be prepared for MODERATION. ~Ques sirin~

darlinqqbella 0

how is that even possible? ouchh.

deannoz 0

~Ques shitty situation and other shit jokes on first comment and in the comments section~

Piggies do not say moo! they oink.

deannoz 0

What does that have to do with anything, #32?

rallets 22

idk #28 havent seen any puns looks like youre full of shit

MaximilianMarche 0

look at # 17 And 21 profile. superfreaks. just saying.

rallets 22

well aint that some shit looks like were in deep shit you gotta be shitting me they must be shitting bricks up shit creek without a paddle

Fagget. You're so full of shit OP. You constpated fuck. :P

time for some spring cleaning!!!

pytel93 0

you're cute lol. find me on facebook! :)

pytel93 0

wow you're cute

Wynton 0

sooooooo...... your place? mi place?.. :|

thrice643 7

sounds like fun...

LosAngelesSon 8

your profile pic looks lewd...

hahaha his pic made me laugh so hard

redbeater 5

aww shit.

Lisimal 7

Bloody shit!

rallets 22


hobojo11 0

oh shit been eatin to much shit it herts like shit i can use shut so much mor but im soo

tnb0005 0

this just happened to my friend a week ago! fyl. sorry :(

this happened to me a couple of years ago. trust me, it's the worst.

Happened to me, I was litterally on the ground because ai couldn't stand up from the pain.

I shouldn't be laughing, but I am.

its ok, were laughing with them... not directly at them

mks100 0


laya_fml 26

9- There was a chance that I was laughing directly at OP

i remember my college hazing days ahhh good times... QQ

I didn't even think that was!


ok i think i just got that your picture is pikachu right?

scottovious 0

wow, sorry, that sucks

he obviously cant, genius

thisgirl2u 9

Well if he wasn't such a tight ass maybe he could..

Now what the hell would OP ever do without you? I am guessing he probably already thought of taking a shit.

Howljerk 0

Nice eyes

OP will need to have Enema shoved in the bum & wait 40 - 70 seconds until running to empty the poop...

dudeitsdanny 9

I.. D... How does this happen? Is this why my mom would tell me not to hold it in? But FYL. Drink some prune juice.

deannoz 0

Yes, indeed, this is why your mother told you not to hold it in ;]

Oh I am a vegetarian, I still get constipated. my longest time without taking a shit while being a vegetarian is about 5 days.

Oh I am a vegetarian, I still get constipated. my longest time without taking a shit while being a vegetarian is about 5 days.