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Today, I confronted my girlfriend about cheating on me. Her response was that it's not cheating since she is getting paid. FML
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Studies show comments like these correlate directly with not getting laid tonight.

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I mean come on, i bet you never even got a share of that cash.

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Im sorry 2 perhaps i should have used that for the next person down >.> would have been much more appropriate i think..

Its okay, the response you chose for #3 was much better :) i lol'd

nublets 12

At least i redeemed a bad comment with a good one. Peace and order have been restored!

What a.... "*****!" Bum Dum tsss!! :D Get it guys? Cuz she's cheating and she.... Is .... Nevermind.

No worries! Not a downvote was cast that day.

Actually there's nothing wrong with dating a sex worker, or with sex work itself, although were I in OP's shoes, I'd be angry with her that she wasn't more up-front with me about what she was doing to earn money. I'd also need to have a conversation with her about what she was doing in terms of STD protection. I'd also be worried about her physical safety, since sex workers are often the victims of violence, and I'd be worried about the possibility of her getting arrested, since sex work is illegal in 49 of 50 U.S. states.

62 It sounds like there are a few things wrong with this scenario, including the fact that there is a roughly 98% chance that OP's girlfriend doesn't live in a place where sex work is legal / regulated / better protected.

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62 are you cool with dating drug dealers amd gangbangers too? As long as they're careful 'bout not getting caught, right?

So if she got raped... Would it be shop lifting?

You nailed it, not sure why you received so many negative comments. I know several sex workers. It also takes an emotional toll on them. But I say go for it...!

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And then dump that hooker!

*****. Hooker. ****. Just a few words I'd call that bitch.

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Well that's different. Still considered cheating though. But at least she isn't making you pay for it.

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Everyone pays for it in one way or another

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Brilliant effort, 1. Massive skill there. OP: Mate, if that wasn't a topic that was discussed and agreed, it's definitely a deal breaker. F her life from here on.

Studies show comments that read "First!" correlate directly with not getting laid. Thank you, mods, for sparing us his comment.

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Did you date someone who does tricks?

Get rid of her and get tested. You deserve better and you should also make sure that you're not infected with something bad. Even if you don't show symptoms you could still have something you don't know about. I'm not trying to freak you out; just making sure you cover your avenues. No pun intended.

It's cool, I didn't detect a pun anyway

Cover your avenues? Like a hooker covering streets? A weak pun, but a pun..