By Anonymous - United Kingdom
Today, I got into my car and realised that my CDs were no longer in my glove box. According to the police, the random key code for my car type has been cracked, and thieves can now let themselves in whenever they want. The manufacturer says they can't do anything about it. FML
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By  eytanrodin  |  0

The manufacturer is lying. if they're too lazy to change it then they should disable it which they can also do. Is this a Ford product? If for whatever reason I am wrong, you have a major class-action lawsuit on your hands. Talk to the manager of the car dealership and tell them these things. I guarantee you they will play ball. Under absolutely no circumstances should you have to pay even a dime.

By  BoyBeyond  |  0

So tell the car company to take out the key code or the device the thieves are using to get in and manually use a key to open and close the car door problem solved genius.



  waveman56  |  3

The code is programmed into another key so they can unlock the car whenever they want. Only one person probably has it but they have free access to the car

  Cinn_fml  |  22

Some (I think most now) cars have remote un/locking devices, and I think it is those that have been cracked for the OP's type of car. It is possible to get into a car with just that, even in the UK.

  celtics734  |  2

you do realize that most cars made after 2000 have a small chip embedded in the key that sends a specific RF signal to the ignition when you start the car, right?