By Hardsleeper - 16/10/2009 09:23 - United States

Today, I learned that my car alarm only goes off if the car is unlocked a bit forcibly. Doesn't make a sound when some prick breaks the window out in the middle of the night to steal my cd player. FML
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And even if it did, you probably would have just ignored it anyway, like everyone else does, right?


And even if it did, you probably would have just ignored it anyway, like everyone else does, right?

Zhejan 0

YDI for owning a Honda Odyssey Or as I like to say, a Hondassey

Most people don't ignore them, they just shut them off quickly, usually after looking at the car. If it's at night, they're more likely to look. I know if I had an alarm and it went off at 2am I'd sure be checking it out, not just blindly shutting it off. Does sound like a piece of garbage though. Not sure what's worse, that, or when they go off when a person so much as brushes against them. I've heard them go off for basketballs bouncing on the hood, too.

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YDI for using a CD player instead of iPod touch/ iPhone... DOH!!! Repeat after me: DIGITALIZE YOUR CD'S... DIGITALIZE YOUR CD'S...

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We live in a world where everything that does not exist in a digitalized state is obselete, then? That's some bullshit.

well that sucks but be happy they didnt steal anything else. still fyl and try to get your car fixed.

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Aw that really sucks! The car I drive doesn't have a CD player either(the dude that sold it to my parents apparently upgraded it then took his upgraded stereo out when he decided to sell the car -_-') its so boring! lol Plus no window either, car alarms SUCK! =( Haha I know my problem is totally trivial, I'm feeling kinda rambly... lol :P

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Psssh It was obviously the robot that did it. It used its lazers on the window, smashing would have set the alarm off! lol :P Dude, short circuit that trecherous dirtbag! :D

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My mom's van is weird like that. If you hit the button once, it only locks the drivers side door and turns on the alarm. You have to hit it twice to lock all the other doors, but that turns off the alarm. So the alarm only works if the drivers side door is the only one locked. It also goes off randomly when it storms.

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The lightning scares it. Take it inside when it storms. If you let it sleep on the end of your bed, it won't whine with every rumble of thunder.

Who the hell steals cd players these days? You really don't need that cd player anyway. Now you can join the rest of us in the 21st century.

if the car alarm is that messed up I wold guess that the cd is the only thing the car has going for it in terms of music playing abilities.

Car alarms are useless most of the time. Then when they don't work you just realized you paid a ton of money for something useless and your out a radio.

just curious what CD you had in the player before it was stolen.

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if your friend sets the alarm when you in it, then you open up the goes off then too!