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Today, I locked my keys in my car. After looking for the spare key for hours, we called our insurance company, who then sent a "locksmith" with a wedge and a bar to open my car. All he did was break the driver and passenger doorhandles. My stuff is still inside. FML
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Whenever I lock my keys in my car, I ask the nice boys hanging on the corner for some help. They can get my car open in less than a minute, but then I have to get my car back. That takes a bit longer.

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Make the company pay to fix them.


ks23 9

Make the company pay to fix them.

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I just did this yesterday and the cop had me sign a waiver before he opened my car. If OP signed one also, there's not much he/she can do.

^At least you're not locked out anymore :-).

#9 This is an insurance company, they're not going to make you sign a waiver since they insure your car. What I want to know if why on Earth would the "locksmith" go for the door handles, and not the door itself with a wedge and a bar? Also I think most card companies use an easily bumpable cylinder for their locks, which means for about 10bucks you can break into most locks. (I'm guessing most companies use cheap locks, as most homes have these cheap locks installed too). Insert 10-15 witty comments implying I break the law because of my knowledge, with smileys on the end, cheers.

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I've broken in to my share of vehicles. I just did not have the tools on hand and didn't want to break anything on my own vehicle. The cop did it for free and did not damage anything.

^You have some good points. However, some newer cars automatically set the alarms for the car. So in case the person forgets to set their alarm, it sets automatically. Hence, why the door handles are used to try and get in. My dad told me how many people complained about this new feature a year ago (he's a head foreman for 200 mechanics).

Everyone should know how to break into their car, whether its using a wire coat hanger, an automatic lock release mechanism under the body of the car etc. same can be said for houses. Know the weakest points that are accessible to possible intruders and re-enforce them to make them less accessible.

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Once I walked past some people who had locked themselves out of their car. Since it was the same make and model as my own car, I jokingly pressed my remote. It worked on the other car.

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I think she should smash the window and get the stuff before that.

Make him pay for damages!! But anyway bad luck for You I've had similar happen to me.

Whenever I lock my keys in my car, I ask the nice boys hanging on the corner for some help. They can get my car open in less than a minute, but then I have to get my car back. That takes a bit longer.

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You should just round up the kids from the neighborhood chop shop to remove the wheels first. You don't have to chase after your car if it's on cinder blocks!

Most hilarious comment of the day is awarded to Welshite!

This was one of the best birthday gifts I've ever received. Well, at least for this year.

I don't see how "Well shit" contributes to this FML's comments, I mean this time it isn't even a pun -_-

@#19 Maybe he was referring to #3's username and comment, but didn't click the reply button.

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Did the locksmith look like the "Mayhem" guy?

Next time, you should call a lock smith instead of having them do so.

She's saying not to trust the locksmith the insurance company says. However, most insurance companies will only cover the situation if you use THEIR approved locksmiths and such. Kinda like health insurance.

Actually insurance companies can only suggest where you go, not really enforce it.

If I was there. I'd make his ass pay.

yeah you look like the kind of guy to make someone's ass pay if you catch my drift

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Get that stick out of your ass #43. You need to grow up and realize that not every mention of race or sexual orientation is meant as derogatory.

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