By whyme_ss - 23/02/2010 22:10 - United States

Today, I got into my boyfriends car having to pee really badly. I accidentally peed everywhere. He kicked me out. I had to walk four miles home in 20 degree weather. In wet clothes. FML
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you should have just told him before you got in the car and uh...went...duh

You should of told him to stop the hard is it to get out and go pee in a bush or something


wow, it would have been a better story if you were 8 months pregnant too...

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FROZEN PEE!!!! YDI and FYL, bc u shuldnt hav gotten in his car, rather than a bathroom. BUT, that was overboard of him sending u walkin home in frozen pee clothes /:

is your boyfriend a child molester because you sound like you are 6

Yes I agree. That is a major asshole move! It's not like he's never pissed his pants...

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by dump they mean take a dump along with ur pee

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4 ****** miles?!? wow he is officially nominated for Bitch of the Year

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haha who the hell says prick when refering to some one

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you should have peed on the grass somewhere before you got in :3

^^lol ...and sorry OP but YDI though the walk home is a little harsh unless they were really nice heated leather seats or something it's not too hard to go before or ask him to pull over

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well I guess he does not gave a pee fetish

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quit telling people to get revenge, the idiot peed all over the place. that is about as fair as it gets, that car will stink forever now

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how do you "accidentally" pee all over someones car WTF. I would make you walk too rather than pee on my ride.

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Today, my driver invited some broad inside for a ride home. I knew this was a bad idea but didn't say anything. As soon as the bitch steps inside she lets loose a TORRENT of piss, on everything. The sexy covertable from across the street is stopping by tommorow. FML

your ***** gonna stink forever fuckface. who gives a shit. I would take a girl over a car any day. I would make you walk even if it was 0 degrees outside and you hadn't peed you ****** asshole!

ydi for not controlling ur bladder, beeotch!

OP probably had to pee so bad that they couldn't control their bladder and it all just came out.

LOL I was going through the "moderate" thing and I saw your boyfriends FML talking bout how he had to clean the seat

time for the depends! (: you'll always be prepared then. and how do you pee, 'everywhere'? like, was it that intense!?

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I dont know whats wrong with this guy but I think thats pretty hott. And its not like you cared about his mess he left in your car after you had sex...oh wait did I say too much? When he made you get out you shouldve peed on his windshield. Then you should have sex with another guy right in front of his car then get thr guy to break into ur bfs car and highjack and see how he feels. Damn thatd be hott!

cherrypieguy 0 maybe if you weren't nine you would have better bladder control.

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that happened to me once...when I was the op three?

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jizwiz.. what's wrong with you?

people are so mean! you had an accident and that's okay :) that guy is a jerk for not realizing that you are human and humans make mistakes :)

Maybe you shouldn't be dating someone old enough to drive if you're only nine...

she pissed in his car lol, I think that is good enough revenge. hopefully the pissed stains and the smell sets in and won't come out.

Hahaha dumb bitch, I would've kicked you out too.

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Ok first of all, when ALL of you comment to the first person to be at the top, the whole "being at the top" thing becomes nonexistant. Anyway, what are you 5? We'll ignore the fact that your boyfriend did that to you, though I do agree that he is a prick, but why didn't you go BEFORE getting in his car?

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haha did u get that from 16 and pregnant, #11?

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stupid bitch why the **** did you still got inside the car while having to pee real badly?i dunno but i think it takes time to go to the level where you cant comtrol your pee, meaning u prolly felt the need to pee b4 u got inside. so you ******* deserve that shit and even more!! 

@20 -> I, for one, can confidently say that I have NEVER pissed my pants...

@18 agreeeeeed. learn to hold your bladder, that's fricken disgusting.

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what a p****, time to dump that asshat and move on with your life.

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If your dating someone who can drive and your only 9, you are a **** and he is a pedo

you really should dump him. he could be a little more supportiveee lol

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...Why are people acting like he did something horribly wrong? She pissed all over the seat of his car. She owes him an apology and a car detailing.

OP is the prick. u're not allowed to accidently piss everywhere while awake between the ages of 8-60 w/o a medical condition. hope u learned ur lesson

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SHE should get revenge on HIM? She's the one who pissed inside his car. He's the one who has to deal with the stench and pay to get it cleaned, and probably reupholstered. What exactly did he do to deserve that in the first place, idiot?

#18 got it. Adults do not pee their pants. Also, do not pee in his car. Thats disgusting. I would have kicked you out as well. Do it in a bush or something.

I probably would have run you over after I kicked you out if you pissed all in my car

lol, you can tell that all the people who are saying dump him are just chicks, i'd say idiotic, but just saying chicks proves my point, anyways the dumb broad deserves it for pissing in his car

#149 that is why she has him pull over or go before she left. She could not have just suddenly had to pee really badly she should have felt the build up.

you should have just told him before you got in the car and uh...went...duh

Yeah, why didn't you do that? Oh, and dump him for being such an ass!

next time you piss, go in his mouth. he'll love it, I swear. or take a dump. that would also be hot. well, actually, it would only be steamy and moist. warm.

@ #106 WTF... most guys I know wouldn't want shit in their mouths... have fun with that...

YDI for not peeing before leaving the house or where ever you were...It's probably more of an FML for the boy coz it is more costly and takes ages to clean and get your stinking pee out of the car. Walk the four miles...its not that in poor countries walk further than that while carrying buckets of water EVERYDAY!!!

whaaa#20? i don't think it's normal to piss yo self... probably just you... and even if you do, why in a car? ydi op...

So you don't sympathize for her walking four miles in 20 degree weather because of kids in Africa, yet you sympathize him for having to clean out his car a little. ******* asshole Kys

you peed EVRERYWHERE?! not just in your seat?? lol jk youre boyfriens sucks tho!

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it was like a projectile, pissing all over his car while she's still siting

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Um, u should have found a bathroom... U sound like ur about 5... I bet this is fake... If not... YDI

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Nope: boyfriend is normal, she's sick!!! He didn't want a golden shower, and you just ruined his car seats. They have to be replaced, and you're complaining about being a little cold and having to walk for 4 miles. Learn how to pee BEFORE you go in a car. Or just pee yourself while you walk to keep warm. Sick. YDI

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fourth. But thanks for playing we really enjoyed having you on the show.

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To all the people that say to dump him, maybe you can all give OP a ride in your cars or take her somewhere and see how "sorry for her" you would be then. It is not embarrassing to stop at a place or bush to pee with your couple or just have balls of steel..

You should of told him to stop the hard is it to get out and go pee in a bush or something

what would happen if a rattle snake mistook her for a hiding place and went up her ass? actually, that would be funny. I'd pay to watch that.

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How many rattle snakes hang out in a place that's 20 degrees?

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I can tell you're a 14 year old boy. noone else thinks about getting action from a piss soaked broad that just wet your seats. I'm thinking car wash and a new girlfriend! OP: YDI hardcore!

I'm 21 and I would have tapped it. He said AFTER whiling her up... prude.

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actually, #42, #7 is 13. but close. ;)

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that's really rude of him. but why would you pee yourself??

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If you're still with him, next time you blow him, use lots of teeth. I've heard he likes getting his nuts twisted around too.

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I'd been pretty pissed if my gf did that. I'd drive her home and never speak to her again, it's not hard to control your bladder.

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It is if you have to pee really bad.

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there's no reason In holding it that long, she souls of used the restroom before she left if it was so hard for her to hold her bladder.

What if there was no bathroom where she was at? or near by?

Then pull over and go on the side of the road