By LemmyIsWet - 17/12/2012 07:33 - United States

Today, I took a relaxing bath, but got the book I was reading slightly wet when getting out. I put it on top of the towel dryer after delicately shaking it. Five minutes later, I heard a splash; I went into the bathroom to find that my book had toppled into the toilet bowl. FML
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I'm going to laugh if you were reading Twilight. I laughed anyways.


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Yea, I think TourettesGuy said it well enough the first time, or does adding "ty" to the end of shit make things a whole new level of original?

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22- 19 probably didn't see the first comment before they posted theirs. People make mistakes...

26 6 minutes after his.. I'm sure he saw it...

After six minutes he should be able to see it.

^HAHAHA! Pleo I just hope your humour isn't wasted on people...

How did this fml even get posted? It's just a book...

I'm going to laugh if you were reading Twilight. I laughed anyways.

Well that idea didn't work. Maybe you shouldn't take books near water. It might get a bit splashy in there.

Ahh I've done that before only it fell in the bath:(

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Or a phone, iPod, iPad, really anything else. It's just a book

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Sounds like there is a trip to Barnes and Noble in your future. Maybe this wasn't a terrible waste.

Uncommon Goods has a pretty bathtub tray that has room for a book and a glass/bottle of wine. I got it for my mom last year :)

Who has time to do all that in the bath? By the time you set yourself up it would have gone cold haha.

Baths take a long time to go cold. Unless you have a lukewarm bath...

At least it wasn't your phone... I've had many a dilemma in which something topples into the toilet bowl, whether it were a roll of TP, a towel or even a spoon. I hope you can retrieve another copy of your book, because you must have really been enjoying it to want to keep it clean.

Why do you need a spoon in the bathroom...?

I didn't need it. I was emptying a bucket of water from the kitchen into the toilet and the spoon just plopped into the water...

The spoon and other cutlery were in the bucket when it was filled with water. I was told to use said bucket to unclog toilet. So I removed the cutlery but didn't notice the spoon because of the foamy water(due to detergents). As I was pouring the foamy water into the toilet, I heard a *splash* and there it was...

Dammit man, he's doing the best he can!!! *slams fist on toilet, causing something to fall in*