By LemmyIsWet - / Monday 17 December 2012 07:33 / United States
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By  LetThereBeFMLs  |  10

At least it wasn't your phone...

I've had many a dilemma in which something topples into the toilet bowl, whether it were a roll of TP, a towel or even a spoon.

I hope you can retrieve another copy of your book, because you must have really been enjoying it to want to keep it clean.

  LetThereBeFMLs  |  10

The spoon and other cutlery were in the bucket when it was filled with water. I was told to use said bucket to unclog toilet. So I removed the cutlery but didn't notice the spoon because of the foamy water(due to detergents). As I was pouring the foamy water into the toilet, I heard a *splash* and there it was...

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