By monkeyzz - 12/10/2012 11:11 - United States - Sonora

Today, my boyfriend and I were making out on his deck out back. When leaving, I heard the sliding glass door open on the upper deck, I froze in the yard to not be seen. Too bad I didn't move. Apparently his dad pees off the deck at night. I had to walk home covered in pee. FML
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You must have been pretty pissed

Ah, the joys of sneaking out. A shame you're not into Golden Showers OP. You would've gotten two things out of seeing your boyfriend that day.;) Oh, and chances are your boyfriend's dad DEFINITELY knew you were out there.


You must have been pretty pissed

Just_STFU_Please 13

That escalated quickly

PleaseStayChill 9

She should be glad it was only pee... Just saying...

4 - just stfu please

Unless he had gutted his wife and was throwing her innards off the balcony, I don't really think this could be much worse, seeing as it would have been difficult to take a shit off the side of a balcony.

Sounds like urine trouble.

Epikouros 31

It could me much worse if pigs could fly.

1 & 32 - You guys are so punny.

jacquesromualdez 12

Surprise golden shower. :)

PleaseStayChill 9

31- I've personally seen someone take a dump from a balcony. Not a pretty sight, but very possible.

I pee what you did there.

Why does he pee there? Whats wrong with washrooms? o.O

DarthSekra 4

You see us Men like to pee out in nature it helps us feel more one with earth and helps us feel the animal that is deep within all of us.

lol it took me a minute to figure this out:) punny lol

tjv3 10

YDI for sneaking around

iOceanus 18

31 - That is pretty extreme, but morbidly funny. Should I be worried that I found it funny?

missymay993 11

Pissed off AND pissed on!

That's just plain disgusting.... Good luck grinding a girlfriend

Just stop. There's only so many puns you can make involving pee, and that wasn't one.

It's a pretty simple thing to figure out, 77. Wow...

Ah, the joys of sneaking out. A shame you're not into Golden Showers OP. You would've gotten two things out of seeing your boyfriend that day.;) Oh, and chances are your boyfriend's dad DEFINITELY knew you were out there.

unknown_user5566 26

That's definitely an innovative approach to telling your son's girlfriend that you hate her.

Innovative?! Inventive!

unknown_user5566 26

75- Please go Google "synonyms for innovative".

Plus, now she can check off Golden Showers on her "Sexual Things I'd Like to Try Someday" list. Kidding!...kind of lol.

anonymous100000 17

much deserved. OP must be young for needed to "sneak" to makeout with the bf.

That's disgusting! Take an umbrella next time?

Really? Who the hell prepares in advance to be pissed on?

15- Anyone who visits R. Kelly.

So, I would like an Emergency Preparedness kit for my future adventures... Got the Piss Umbrella, anything else?

Yeah, don't forget your poop riot shield.

Anything I need in case of projectile menstruation?

Padded armor and tampon swords.

Locked and Loaded

mintcar 9

Still trying to figure out why he'd rather pee outside than use the bathroom.

mizuki123 8

I know people who would walk outside and pee then go to the bathroom. Guess it saves water?

5 - The sense of "freedom," maybe? Some people do things JUST because they go against societal norms. Especially if they live a very structured, controlled life.

RedPillSucks 31

The realization that you'll probably interrupt your son in the middle of coitus with the flavor of the day.

justhanging 6

Well, there's the obvious reason ... he saw that she was down there.

ranroy 2

#5 its just easier that way

brt3420 13

I grew up on a farm and not having bathrooms readily available in the field while I worked it was normal to take a piss off the side of the tractor. Growing up like that made public urination a norm, I live in town now and it still didn't change anything. If I'm already outside why walk inside to take a leak?

jjohnson26559 1

I like the freedom of being able to wave my wiggly around whilst I pee. Being constricted to a toilet does not allow me to do that and not get nagged.

bladedrose 3

It just feels better to pee outside then inside ^.^

52 & 60 - Just so you two know, if you live in the United States and someone sees you doing that and complains, you can get put on the National Sex Offender Registry since it's considered indecent exposure. A friend of mine peed outside on private property, but since he was visible from a public area he still got registered.

84- to add to that, if you get a BJ from your wife/girlfriend in the car or with a curtain ajar in your house you will get put on the list. 'crime against nature'. And if you show tits at Mardi Gras, you'll get put on the list. So continue to pee outside, everyone will be a RSO one day if this continues.

Because men are nasty, that's why. Same reason they Piss in bottles instead of going in to the rest area or truck stop. Men are pigs.

43- So he pissed on her? That's a bit... extreme.

mizuki123 8

Don't deny it OP, you know you liked it. That would suck though.

No way dude that's gross

kdog333 1

im guessing most people dont like to get peed on by their boyfriends father, but you know, just a thought.

betseyville 6

If his name is Robert Kelly, he did it on purpose.

At least urine is sterile. Be glad he didn't poop off the deck.

Then it would be a poop deck. Huh? Huh? No. Alright I'll stop.

How is this any different from a normal night with your boyfriend?

(insert overused golden shower comment here)

BellaBelle_fml 23

Well played.

off_constantly 8

insert my shlong into your mouth as punishment for using an overused "insert" comment