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  chili10  |  18

There actually is a device that lets girls pee standing up, it's called the "go girl". Good investment if you don't want to ruin your shoes while camping.

  ahgah  |  0

15 - Completely understood what you were saying from your first post, I'm surprised how people were dumb enough to think you meant peeing stings. Let me help you out abit..let's replace the word "stings" with "uncomfortable" when trying to stop the flow of pee midway

  kerrwoof  |  13

You're actually not supposed to pee on your wound after being stung by a jellyfish. Happened to a family member in Cuba and the first aid station told them not to have someone pee on it.


Girls just aren't educated enough on the finer points of being in the wilderness is all. Alright ladies, here is the trick. Step 1) scout a spot with a tree or rock on a slight downhill incline. Step 2) stand with your back against your downhill leaning object and drop your drawers, pulling them forward slightly with one hand. Step 3) spread your legs slightly and go. The pee will flow down the nice incline and not into your shoes- and you are standing so no poison ivy on the ass.when you are woman who spends a lot of time in the woods you learn these things :p