By shelly - 08/03/2012 22:23 - United States

Today, I was locked out of my house and had to pee. I waited an hour for my boyfriend to come home. When I saw him pull into the driveway, I peed myself in excitement. FML
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For men, the world is our porta-potty. For women, well you're pretty much screwed.

chillyCholo 5

Was he as excited as you were?


For men, the world is our porta-potty. For women, well you're pretty much screwed.

Ahhhh yes, the joys of being man.

Having a boyfriend is like peeing yourself. Everyone can see it, but only you get the warm feeling from it...

Op, Sounds like you need to be spayed.

Sounds like you have a nervous bladder. I hope it doesn't happen again fyl

Well Doc... That isn't completely true. I was locked out of my house once and I found that peeing behind the shed works great. Too bad the dog didn't like that once she found out. Took her days to finally cover it up.

And I thought dogs were the only ones to pee on themselves when they get excited (;

twifan1901 0

30 no one time me, younger sister, and my parents were in the mall my sister saw buzz lightyear then proceeded to pee on herself in excitement

You should use punctuation how do you like reading this huh its a run on sentence and it sucks to read by the way it's my younger sister my parents and I and you need at least two periods in your comment and probably a few commas tell me when I should stop because you are probably wanting to take a breath right about now but I don't have any periods so ha

desireev 17

If I have to pee that bad, I have no shame in walking behind the house and doing my business! Thank God for on-the-go Kleenex! :)

thiscrazything 1

And large bushes. Especially the kind with big, absorbent leaves.

holly1398 5

she shoulve just gone in the bushes in her backyard P:

hellbilly205 17

39 i have no problem reading a run on sentence as i write most of my sentences in run on form, who cares about puntuation its FML not highschool or a job application...

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TwinArmageddons 4

What I she doesnt have a backyard or their neighbors can see into the backyard??

TwinArmageddons 4

What I she doesnt have a backyard or their neighbors can see into the backyard??

39, how the hell would I need to take a breath? I don't read FMLs aloud....?

I didn't know women used tp to wipe themselves after they peed till like a few years ago. It didn't cross my mind since I don't have to but I guess it makes sense lol.

chillyCholo 5

Was he as excited as you were?

IAdminIFlow 0

hes like.. oh hey honey what are you doing outsi.... wtf is that smell!?

labudamike 6

Someone needs diapers

TheElderTROLLZ 15

I bet he pee'd himself in excitement, too. I know I would!

read it backwards, and it still makes sense

Reddeaded 5

So close... Yet so far away.

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No, it wouldn't have been better.

Forget the movie. The TV series was at least ten times better.

When I'm Russian to pee there's no time for Stalin.

jacquay09 3

You sir, are a winner!

Or be social and ask a neighbor to let you use their potty!

22cute 17

Really! Just go in the shrubbery or something! Don't be a fool.

ashla1019 5

Omg! I laughed so hard.. Lol

'omg' lol gtfo ysb.

IAdminIFlow 0

ysb= you stupid bitch? i feel proud if i got that right

Well at least you didn't do it in a public place :)

WTF! I saw this FML had 10 YDIS, but then I refreshed the page and it only had 9.

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Cool story bro.

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It's done that to me too. Idk it might be a glitch or something.

...or could it just be the fact someone changed their mind & changed their vote to fyl?

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WTF I saw this reply and it was buried, and when I opened it, it was a waste of my time!

^Now you know not to read buried comments? Yay?

mauguster 15

Haha yes, but sometimes they the best ones.

Usually boyfriends hope to excite you in other ways.

Maybe he's into golden showers.

If you were that desperate, why didn't you go to the neighbors? I'm sure they'd understand if you explained the situation.

cierraashlee 5

Or the bushes.

he must be one hell of a boy friend to make you piss yourself