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  ImaginaryFoe  |  0

Agreed. OP, did you know she was married? If so, I guess you should be happy. If not, leave her before she does to you what she did to him. She needs some time alone anyway.

  iSwag  |  0

dude how do you have a girlfriend and not know she's married? never been to her house? do you not spend any time with her? you obviously didn't know her at all so it really shouldn't bother you that much

  boopityboppity  |  11

In my experience, anyone who beats his chest belongs in a mental ward. So yes, you're strange.
It's alright, though; maybe we'll be neighbors when they switch the rooms again.

  boopityboppity  |  11

Bring that too. We'll just have it as a snack instead.
Oh, and dig up those bones you buried. We're going all out in this party.
Well, it's been fun, but the men in white coats are doing their rounds now (I'm sure they'll reach you soon), so I have to go.


If I were in OP's shoes, I would offer the cheating bitch a perfect life (e.g. money, marriage, kids).. And once the husband and bitch are divorced, then you can break it off with her, leaving her lonely and destroyed..

  namezox  |  0

But it is okay for a women to take advantage of men? Typical women answer. I agree with grrbeast.. payback is a bitch. But add "Tell the husband everything about you and her" to make things more difficult for that slut.

By  Toxxic_Blackout  |  0

Wow, you're really selfish. She's going through a nasty divorce, and you're sitting there bitching, just because she's your "girlfriend". Pathetic. Get over yourself. She was using you for your money.