By Pip - 23/02/2010 21:13 - United States

Today, my girlfriend was crying. I asked her what was wrong, and she said her husband was going to divorce her for seeing me. FML
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WTF? God people have no morals these days.

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Um dump her ass. She should have been honest with you.


WTF? God people have no morals these days.

Agreed. OP, did you know she was married? If so, I guess you should be happy. If not, leave her before she does to you what she did to him. She needs some time alone anyway.

why would she cry?? it's her fault in the first place, not that guys fault at all, FYL

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dude how do you have a girlfriend and not know she's married? never been to her house? do you not spend any time with her? you obviously didn't know her at all so it really shouldn't bother you that much

Actually God People have the best morals :-P

I disagree. God people have the worst morals.

@37 ur right @38 ur wrong GRAMMAH FAIL! ur GF is a douche

Who cares. This is a free country!! *beats chest*

@57 Consider your name, God People have bad morals, your arument has no base.

'Scuse me, megashroom, but why are you saying that "God people have no morals?"

I'm not a strange person... unless you want me to be *giggle giggle*

Tell her dont worry your sure the guy will settle for a 3 way and everything will be just fine (:

In my experience, anyone who beats his chest belongs in a mental ward. So yes, you're strange. It's alright, though; maybe we'll be neighbors when they switch the rooms again.

Bring your plastic dinosaur collection. They'll surely make interesting conversation with us.

I wanted to bring my toilet paper so we could make origami... oh well

Bring that too. We'll just have it as a snack instead. Oh, and dig up those bones you buried. We're going all out in this party. Well, it's been fun, but the men in white coats are doing their rounds now (I'm sure they'll reach you soon), so I have to go.

If I were in OP's shoes, I would offer the cheating bitch a perfect life (e.g. money, marriage, kids).. And once the husband and bitch are divorced, then you can break it off with her, leaving her lonely and destroyed..

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no, god people disagree with you

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lmao, yu shudve screwed her 1 more time then finish on her face then leave.

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take advandage of her emotional distress then leave her. 1st.

Epic fail there bro. Never take advantage of a woman. -The actual First on this page.

If by 1st you mean 3rd, then yes, absolutely. You're a champ.

But it is okay for a women to take advantage of men? Typical women answer. I agree with grrbeast.. payback is a bitch. But add "Tell the husband everything about you and her" to make things more difficult for that ****.

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Tell her that you have AIDS then dump her.

or you could have a threesome and give everyone AIDS! yay!

yeah because theres just nothing better than the gift of AIDS....


wow if you knew she was merried you're a piece of $h!t if you didn't know shucks for you. you had a hoe for a girlfriend.

It must've really hurt when he tried to have sex with the hoe. OP, I would have stuck with the good ol' reliable vacuum cleaner if I were you.


lol I yeah but at least the hoe had a tighter hole lol.


stuid I messed up my comment ment to say it. without the I thier lol

Your English is pitiful. er in ur languege itz pitefel

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Wow, you're really selfish. She's going through a nasty divorce, and you're sitting there bitching, just because she's your "girlfriend". Pathetic. Get over yourself. She was using you for your money.

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I hate it when people fail to see my twisted sense of humor.

By twisted do you mean the noose your joke hung itself on?

Do you honestly think that's humor or are you looking for attention

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xD Unless you already knew, I feel sorry that you paired up with such a piece of garbageeee. :3

Garbageeee? Are all the extra letters necessary? I think typing "garbage" would have been sufficient.

AngryNinja 1

obviously not, the extra letters are needed to take up space. *shrugs*

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I like how you're commenting on how the person typed a word rather than what she was saying, which actually was a good point. get over ittttt.

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the extra letters don't concern me, it's the cameltoe smile that creeps me out

she obviously cares about her husband more, i hope you ended it FiRsT.