By Anonymous - 28/02/2016 11:06 - United States - Maryville

Today, I got hit by a stray cantaloupe. That's not a typo. I hate my neighbors' kids with a burning passion. FML
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Time to introduce them to a stray watermelon.

Have you talked to the parents about it? That's very odd to say the least.


Have you talked to the parents about it? That's very odd to say the least.

That'll sound weird. "Hey can you tell your kids not to throw cantaloupe at me?"

9, OP doesn't have to specifically mention that it was a cantaloupe.

CheekyRaccoon 27

#16 why not? It'd be understandable if it were small peices of candy, but a sizeable cantaloupe to the melon if done right can result to a possible concussion.

Not even necessarily 'done right.' The force of the throw combined with the density of a cantaloupe practically guarantees at least a minor cuncussion. It could also have caused neck damage due to the momentum, broken OP's nose if it hit them head on, or even damaged their windpipe if it hit there.

27 - I mean simply that when a kid is throwing something at another person, it shouldn't matter if it's a napkin or a ball. Throwing is throwing, and it's not okay, no matter what the object is. It's especially not okay if the object could cause serious injury, but that doesn't make it okay just because it's a napkin, either.

My biggest concern is how old/strong are these kids? Cantaloupes are heavy. So the kid must be too old to be throwing things around.

#40, exactly! I wonder where the OP and the neighbor's kids were. I also wonder where the neighbor was. Hmm...

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It's possible with a catapult or sling.

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in my best Daffy duck voice.... this means waaaar!

Tell your neighbors to control their kids. If they don't, file a complaint.

Depending on where they live, OP could also report them to the neighborhood management group, if it is a gated community. (Which seems unlikely, but who knows.)

cosmic_peanut 17

There's only one way to deal with this- start stocking up on fruit and get a catapult.

make your own cantaloupe launcher and declare war!

kristadc 20

I'd chuck it right back at em

Hahahahahah made me laugh so hard. Just imagined someone picking up the cantaloupe and throwing it back over a fence. Hahahaha

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I need the rest of this story

I was walking down the street and i got hit by felines and canines, i swear it was raining cats and dogs;)