By Anonymous / Sunday 28 February 2016 11:06 / United States - Maryville
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  GhostFox  |  33

Not even necessarily 'done right.' The force of the throw combined with the density of a cantaloupe practically guarantees at least a minor cuncussion. It could also have caused neck damage due to the momentum, broken OP's nose if it hit them head on, or even damaged their windpipe if it hit there.

  Comrox  |  19

27 - I mean simply that when a kid is throwing something at another person, it shouldn't matter if it's a napkin or a ball. Throwing is throwing, and it's not okay, no matter what the object is. It's especially not okay if the object could cause serious injury, but that doesn't make it okay just because it's a napkin, either.

  GhostFox  |  33

Depending on where they live, OP could also report them to the neighborhood management group, if it is a gated community. (Which seems unlikely, but who knows.)