By melonhead - 14/01/2010 08:46 - Australia

Today, my friends thought it would be funny to try and break a watermelon on my head while I was asleep on the couch. FML
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you have awesome friends

The visual is quite amusing.


you have awesome friends

he sure does, and they don't only THINK it's funny it IS funny

he should have got up and beat them till thy bled (crap in the mouth reference)

well did it break

victoria4161993 0

did it work

sooo.... was it funny?

Well if it was their couch.

The visual is quite amusing.

ipwnallmen 10

Looks like you got fruit punched umm why would they do that

lol nice

I think you need to find more intelligent friends.

now wait that is a good logical question can a humen face break a watermelon

Kira_fml 0

...Did it work?

allen20 0

i can tell their really good friends

This is epic, I don't think I'd care if my friends did this to me as long as I wasn't hospitalised.

crzyry 6

Did they record it?

Your friends have to sleep some time. Make the most of it.