By PoorForever - 28/02/2016 13:53 - Australia - Heritage Park

Today, after meticulously rereading my application, merging references, budgets, academic transcripts and itineraries for an amazing scholarship, I clicked submit, only to remember that the system was on Daylight Savings time, which we don't have in my state! I missed out on $2,500 by 3 minutes. FML
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That sucks, but YDI for waiting untill the last minute to submit.

You may delay, but time will not. ~Benjamin Franklin


That sucks, but YDI for waiting untill the last minute to submit.

Well submitting so many things for a scholarship I really needed, I would also double check everything until the last minute even if I knew it was perfect just out of nerves

Much better to submit it well before the deadline and thoroughly check it over then

I've never agreed with this principle, especially at school. Sure, it's better to submit early so it's done, but if the deadline is 11:59, then you have until 11:59 and a teacher should not be allowed to get mad at you. If you miss the deadline, that's on you (like with OP), but working until the deadline should not be shamed.

She thought she had about an hour left. That's not unreasonable if you are triple checking things.

Let me guess you live in Arizona? I too know the struggle.

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It clearly says OP is from Queensland, Australia

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The FML app doesn't show the location and the gender for the FML posts on the most recent version for android.

Can you tell me where you see that info along with gender? Ever since the new update and its new look I can't see none of that. :/

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I may not have the most recent version, but it shows along the top bar of the post. Ironically, I'm in Indiana tonight, the only other US state of the contiguous 48 which doesn't have DST. We need to add 46 more states to that list.

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Ok so I just looked at screenshots of the new version and like what in the actual ****? That's dumb, I'm not updating.

You may delay, but time will not. ~Benjamin Franklin

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You should blame Ben Franklin

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You could work for a month. Get the money that way. Any job will do.

Any job won't do. I work at a library, the most hours they will give me is 50 a month. (I mean between that and school I'm pretty busy anyways). Aka that's around $350 a month with taxes. It would take me around seven months without spending a dime to get 2,500$. It's a lot of money to people like me.

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fair enough, i suppose. i was somewhat exaggerating. maybe by a lot. but the point is, you still could work up 2500 dollars in less than a year. i would, if they offered a paltry 2500 dollars on a scolarship...

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We get it, you're rich and have tons of money to waste. Most people don't have that privilege and to them, a 2500 dollar scholarship is a lot.

Actually at my entry level job at a big chain supermarket I get paid 27$ an hour, 1.5x that rate on Sundays and 2.5x that rate on public holidays. Australia has good minimum wage laws and you don't pay any tax until you earn over $18 grand a year or smth. I could earn $2500 in a couple of months quite easily. Socialism ftw?

I'm not an expert on Australia, but I really doubt that 27$ an hour is as entry level as you think it is.

Actually Australia pay rates vary based on job types. Also the more training you have for some jobs the more they actually have to pay you. Once you're over the age of 18 I can't think of any job (outside of apprenticeships) that pay less than $20/hr

Sure, you're PAID $27/hr. How much do you actually get to see at the end of the day? How much of that go into taxes, fees, garnishments, etc.? No one ever assembled a raft made of water bottles and twine to escape free market capitalism. Juss' sayin'.

#33. Yep, $27 an hour. If you want some more education, most places in Australia have 3 types of jobs, there's your full-time, part-time, and then there's casual. Casual workers aren't entitled to paid vacation/sick leave and are not on contracted hours, so in compensation they get paid more per hour. For this reason, some employers will prefer to employ part-time/full-time employees as much as possible and avoid getting casuals except as for a backup when their workers are sick/unavailable or whatever. But I'm a hard worker so my boss likes me and gives me decent hours each week. I work at a deli, in a supermarket, and I'm over 21, paid casual rates so that's $27 an hour. And yes, it's an entry-level job - you don't need any qualifications or anything - I work with a bunch of high-schoolers. For comparison, my friend works there under part time rate and I think she gets about $22 an hour. Again, not too hard to save up if you get enough hours.

Oh and as I said - no taxes. I've been working the same job for 3 years and I've never earned more than $18 grand a year, so I've never had to pay taxes. (In fact, while I was studying I was eligible for some financial assistance each fortnight depending on how much I was earning for that fortnight). A little bit does go into superannuation (I think that's Australia's version of social security), but the employer pays that and it doesn't come out of my $27 an hour. I'm fairly sure the rival supermarket chain (Australia only has two major supermarkets) has the same rates. I told you, Australia is socialist. The poor, the students, the 'low-wage' workers, are a bit better off. Not everywhere, but a lot of places, including (maybe even especially) big businesses.

How do you make $27 an hour and not go over 18k a year? If you don't even make the hours to make that much money in a year what the hell is the point of getting more per hour? You still make about the same amount my husband does yearly then at 10 an hour full time. ( 38 to 52 hours)

This is the first year I've been out of uni (college). I may go over this year, but I intend on getting a different job anyway - one based on my degree. While I was studying full-time I got (upon request) less hours - maybe 10 hours a week on average, sometimes less. During holidays and breaks I'd ask for more shifts (as much as I could get, and then I'd get about 20 hours on average per week). In a way it's the good part about being casual and not on contract - you can be quite flexible with your schedule so long as you have an agreeable boss. I also travelled overseas for a month at a time, two years in a row, so that was more time off work. I got close to the tax bracket, but never over. At the moment I'm getting abut 20 hours a week again... which isn't bad, but I'm still gonna be leaving soon (I hope). Look, don't get me wrong, I'm not saying it's ideal for OP to go work 20 hours a week or so for 2 months to get the money she lost. Nor am I saying it's 'easy' to get that much money back - to me, 2 months pay is still 2 months pay - I'd be licking my wounds for sure. I'm just explaining that in Australia (which is supposedly where OP lives), it IS do-able.

I suggest calling them straight away and seeing if you can have an exception made - but since this is an fml I'm guessing it might be a bit late now - could still try though

Maybe I'm cynical, but I can't imagine that helping OP. What would OP say? Make an exception for me, because not only did I wait until the last minute to submit my application, but I don't have a very sharp attention to detail and forgot about daylight savings? But please, give me money and precedence over people who pay attention to deadlines and are aware of time zones.

I can't be the only one thinking, why did you wait until the very last second to send everything in?

They may have already been done with everything, but just needed to proofread/double check and skim over everything once more to make sure it's perfect. I mean, I usually re-read my emails before sending them, so I can spot mistakes I may have overlooked before. The problem was that OP didn't notice that the system was on Daylight Savings time.

Even knowing all that daylight savings is only an extra hour, double checking is all good, even triple checking, but leaving it right until just before the deadline is irresponsible in my opinion. I've done applications before myself.