By BSwan - 15/03/2011 00:57 - Australia

Today, a frog made my hot tub his new home. I can't stand frogs and he moves lightening fast. I think the only way to get rid of him is to turn the heat on and boil him. Which I would do if my daughter didn't already adore him. FML
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He's her prince charming :)

poor frog! dont be a bitch and kill it!


He's her prince charming :)

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kiss it!

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the OP doesn't sound like he wants to kiss it... why can't you just heat it up until it gets out? it won't die if you do that.

Actually it's been proven that if a frog is dropped into boiling water, it will jump out. BUT if the water is slowly heated up while it's already in there, the frog will just sit there. :P

and quite a few species of frogs are endangered in Aus

So the frog is as fast as lightning. that's magical and it's a keeper

get someone else to get rid of it!

op totally deserve it for trying to boil a frog.

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The frog will die if it doesn't leave they can't live in chlorine I have a pool and frogs like to try to live in it and after a few days they die

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At least it would be a painless death if they were to 'boil' it. Frogs can't detect temperature change.

This is what I was thinking, my friends have had hot tubs and if you don't use chemicals they get slimy. This hot tub seems nasty.

poor frog! dont be a bitch and kill it!

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ill kill him for 10 cents and make him suffer fo freeeeeeeeeee

Wtf? You're an asshole!

^agreed get someone else, plus it might make your hot tub smell really bad if you boil him!

put some clothes on.

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well don't be gay #95

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exactly what I was thinking... ^^

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guys plz she's just hot(temperature) so she shed some clothes.

^agreed get someone else, plus it might make your hot tub smell really bad if you boil him!

it's not like frogs bite or anything lol

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But they can give you worts

That's not true

Well depending how quickly it heats up, I'm guessing he will jump out when it gets too hot...

someone actually did that experiment; heating up water slowly with a frog in it will kill the frog, without it detecting any danger. putting a frog however, straight into hot water will cause the frog to jump out immediately... interesting hey

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That is true. They are cold blooded and will adjust to the environmental temperature


Frog stew?

no no frog lags yum "tastes like chicken" lol

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Well, your daughter will adore him more with a little ketchup and hot sauce -- he tastes like chicken!

have her get him out! maybe he'll turn into a prince!