By h00tzForOsi - 28/02/2016 07:45 - United States - Providence

Today, I got written up for coming in to work stoned. I wasn't stoned, I'm just goofy. FML
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Was not expecting this to get posted haha. I see comments saying to tone down the goofiness, trust me I've tried all my life. It's not that simple. For the comments assuming I was obnoxious, that's just not the case. I smile and laugh a lot for what appears to be no reason. But this is usually caused by what I'm thinking of or awkwardness. For the people telling me to take a drug test, um yea about that lol... I'd fail that test harder than people supporting Hillary Clinton solely for her gender. For the people saying I wasn't professional, I work on a machine all day and the only professional part of my job is keeping a quick pace. As for being written up I sorted that out. I have only worked here for 3 months and the supervisor I dealt with hasn't been here for a few months so she isn't familiar with how I am. I spoke to one of the other supervisors who spoke to her and it's all good. For the record I wasn't stoned. Oh and #5 hell yea I am:) nice to see someone who looks on the bright side.

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take a drug test and show them the result. If you were stoned it would be still in your system. Save your job!

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You were wrongfully written up for supposedly being high, then go on to say you'd fail a drug test... ??


take a drug test and show them the result. If you were stoned it would be still in your system. Save your job!

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what's the difference anyway... you are still a mess...

Just because they weren't stoned this time doesn't mean they weren't two days ago. A drug test may be pointless.

I always joke about how umbrella policy's are used to cover expensive umbrellas. But they actually cover liability limits of up to 2 million dollars in case someone sues you.

with the name h00tz? I don't think u smoked before work... I think you're a perma-fry

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Trick or treat, bind her feet. Give her something hard to eat.

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Try to moderate your goofiness? sorry but it'll help you keep you job.

Ya, I think this is kind of a ydi because op's obviously not just being happy or in a good mood, but is being so goofy that they think he's stoned. Op should have a more professional attitude when working. Plus, I'm sure he could tell that his coworker's or boss wasn't appreciating his goofy behaviour way before he actually got written up.

I'm sorry but the only way, atleast for me, to get through the day... is to be goofy.

On a high note, I bet you're fun to hang with.

It's hard to appreciate an uplifting attitude nowadays :/

Uplifting =/= stoned. The OP wasn't written up for being uplifting. The OP wasn't giving rousing speeches and helping people who seemed down. The OP was most likely being obnoxious and distracting at work.

Being goofy isn't directly associated with being obnoxious though. He got written up because his goofiness wasn't in his manager's realm of realistic attitudes. You can't just assume he was obnoxious.

I completely disagree 17. Op obviously wasn't just acting happy, in a good mood, or funny, he was acting so goofy they literally thought he was on drugs. That sounds obnoxious to me. Op should have a more professional attitude/behaviour when he's working. That's kind of common sense.

I didn't assume, #17, I said "most likely," yet you were fine with assuming that the OP was being "uplifting" for some reason. And, honestly, does acting goofy enough to seem stoned seem professional in any way?

Like most of you, I'm thinking YDI because if OP was goofy enough to actually be thought of as on drugs, they were probably being completely unprofessional. Unless OP is a clown, extreme goofiness and work don't usually mix.

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If OP acts goofy most of time and this is normal, then he/she must have been especially goofy this day which made he/she stand out even more to management. YDI

Wow why do people always assume someone is high or drunk. It's like you can never be just in a good mood

Op was obviously acting more than just happy or in a good mood. He was acting so goofy they literally thought he was doing drugs. That sounds like he was acting a bit crazy & obnoxious and goofing off while at work. It's common sense to know that you need to be more professional while at work and that "goofiness" isn't appropriate in a work environment. While it sucks that they thought he was high at work, this is kind of a ydi to me.

I bet you also have pinkeye and love a good bag of cheese doodles. What a coincidence...