By Anonymous - 26/08/2009 00:52 - Canada

Today, I went for a jog. While passing by my neighbor's house, their six year old son started throwing peanuts at me screaming, "I hope this kills you!" because I'm allergic to peanuts. FML
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Why on earth would he do that? D:

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Little kids are dicks today, I blame mtv and disney. You should have said something that would have sent him crying lol


anniemeece 23

Why on earth would he do that? D:

Chances are, the OP probably pissed the kid off at some point. If not, the kids parents need to start paying more attention to his attitude, or the monsters he hangs out with at school. At the OP.. If their kid is doing something like that, you should be calling the parents, to let them know what their son is up to, and make sure his ass gets properly punished.

tonyDlolli 0

you should throw a hornets nest at him and say I HOPE THIS KILLS YOU!!

too bad michael jackson died, the OP could take his neighbor on a trip to the Neverland, I bet that would show him not to mess with you anymore

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FILIP, TOO SOON. WTF. THUMBS DOWN. RASHDJASKHJKGHSGFHGFD. No, but seriously, that 6 year old's hilarious. And his parents were probably the ones who gave him a bowl of peanuts and told him to do it so they wouldn't get in trouble.

YDI for being a mutant freak, die please

Wtf, he's a mutant freak because he's allergic to peanuts?

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Dammit #87 you are now that troll's personal bitch, haven't you ever read the sign ------------------------ Don't Feed the Trolls ------------------------

o god at #58 and #38 i lol'd so f---king hard

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lol Im from Ontario and allergic to peanuts :0

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yummm!!! strawberries!! :D

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Damn that kid must be "nuts" about OP

*pulls out gun* No bitch, I hope this kills you.

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Little kids are dicks today, I blame mtv and disney. You should have said something that would have sent him crying lol

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yes i blame disney too coz their movies are getting crapper.

No, it's not MTV or Disney or anything OTHER than the child's bratty behaviour. You can't blame other things for YOUR actions, at the end of the day it's your choice whether you do it or not and if you can't accept responsibilty for your actions or justify them in any other way than 'TV and Movies' then you're just plain pathetic. As for the OP, either you did something to upset the child or he's a brat. Either way, tell his parents and make sure he gets punished. If the parents refuse to, call the police for 'attempted murder', he won't be able to be arrested but his parents will (they'll probably get a warning) so then they will know to keep a closer eye on him.

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That is exactly what it is, lets face it, today they let some shitty people breed and have kids. It's a shame really, but what a little douchebag, definitely tell the parents. If they don't do anything, I'd go with the hornet's nest idea myself. MTV, video games, movies, music, they have absolutely NOTHING to do with it. If a kids gets ideas from any outside sources or media, then there has to be something wrong with them to begin with to be so easily influenced by such. Not knowing right from wrong/reality from fantasy is something PARENTS should be responsible for. I grew up listening to metal, playing all kinds of games, and loving horror movies, but I was able to because I knew what I was doing in that game wasn't real and that guy killing people in that movie was a FICTIONAL character, because my parents taught me so. I hate people who blame anything other them themselves. That kid has something seriously disturbed with him, he knows you are allergic and it's not just "throwing peanuts". People can die from contact with them if they are allergic.

Didn't say it was, it's environmental but you can't expect to rely on 'it was because I saw Terminator' when standing in court for mass murder, can you? No, because that movie didn't say 'go out and kill loads of people'. TV and Movies are there purely for entertainment and can't be blamed for society's mistakes and if any parents wish to complain about their child watching it then it's pretty simple. Turn the TV off. My parents did it with South Park when I was younger because they didn't want me to watch it. What they didn't do was complain and try to get it banned from TV. So, in short, no, you CAN NOT blame TV or Movies for what this idiotic child did.

Hey # 45; Where do YOU think 'bratty behaviour' comes from?!?!? It's been proven irrefutably that environment effects kids for life. It's a 'bad environment' when parents use TV and Disney movies to babysit and raise their kids. The kid obviously has no concept of consequences to his actions, so he has no concern for being responsible for his actions. Who are you calling pathetic?!?!? OP can tell the parents, but he sure can't 'make sure he gets punished'. You sure don't have a very good grasp on reality. Calling the police won't get the parents arrested. They MIGHT get a warning, but I wouldn't bet on it. It WILL make the parents mad at the OP, and their attitude is already in question... What were you saying again??

did you not read my SECOND POST (#90)? I clearly stated yes, it can effect the behaviour as can other people but at the end of the day the child's actions are it's own and no one else's. And yes, obviously it's attempted murder which, at any age IS A CRIME. Police should be notified, as I said they'll probably receive a warning causing them to keep a closer eye on their child and if they don't and something similar happens again then report it to the authorities again, the child will be taken away because obviously the parents can't raise the child.

I love you right now. I hate how everyone seems to blame everyone and everything but themselves when their kid does something wrong. "It's the fault of that TV show!" "It's because of that rap song with the degrading lyrics!" "It's because of the video game where you kill everyone!" No, no it is not. It's your (general you) fault as a shitty parent that your kid is in jail for gang activity, or for killing someone, or that they were killed during a gang brawl or while participating in an insanely stupid stunt. Had the child been taught properly how to behave what they watched or what games they play wouldn't matter, and they wouldn't hang out with the "bad crowd" because they would know the "bad crowd" was bad. I used to play Mortal Kombat, and I don't go around trying to rip people's heads off or freeze them and shatter them in to pieces. I used to love running people over in the Twisted Metal games, but you'll never catch me trying to run over anything if I ever decide to get my license. I won't even hurt bugs on purpose, no way I'm going to kill people on purpose. My mother taught me better and the rest I simply picked up on my own, unlike most kids these days.

sanata is dead your daddy killed him :)

You must have really done something to piss off the kid or the neighbor. Random shit like this doesn't just happen, so YDI.

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how do you know that? maybe the kid is just pissed off or no reason...

even if they did do something, they deserve to die because they made a six year old mad? it doesn't take much to piss off a child and peanut allergies are very serious.

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you should have said, "i'm allergic to peanut butter, not peanuts." see if that idiot figures it out.

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ugh I feel ur pain...My neighbors kids r so's like they live their lives to torchure ppl :(

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whoops...I was never good at spelling :/

What a champ! How did he know what you were allergic to? Med-alert Bracelet or something? .... Or maybe a male version of Ms.Cleo. "Darrrhlinn"

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I was wondering the same, maybe he overheard his parents talking about it?

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Kids say the darnest things. ;D