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By  CantImagineWhy  |  12

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  bethanyhopkins  |  49

#60 - what I meant is, we should be having discussions about much more important things that actually matter and obviously have a right or wrong opinion - as in, we should be educated about it more. Liking Nutella isn't one of those things, but people who don't like it are judged as if it is.

  1dvos_grl3  |  21

#61 It could have been a general conversation. My friends and I talk about the weirdest shit sometimes. So telling someone they should be talking about rape instead of nutella or any other topic is just stupid. Yes rape is an issue but telling someone what they can or can't talk about takes away their freedom of speech.

  happypenguins  |  24

Eew! Nutella is amazing I am addicted to Nutella I keep a jar of it next to my bed! I when I have a bad dream ( which is often due to my anxiety) I have a spoon of it brush my teeth and go back to bes

  muzy  |  23

Yeah and after that, you fill the bitch up with vanilla ice cream and go to town, right? No? am I the only one who does that? (I'm not weird. My mother had me tested).