In a rush

By Crappy - 11/04/2015 12:12 - Canada - Rodney

Today, I got trapped in my building's elevator for over an hour, with my dog who I had been rushing outside with because he had explosive diarrhea. FML
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"What a shitty situation" is going to be at least half of the comments on here...

I hope you were the only one in there...


"What a shitty situation" is going to be at least half of the comments on here...

I was just about to say that xD

I don't give a shit ;)

you're shitting on my parade.

This is one bomb that can not be diffused too easily. Hope you were able to get out in time!

Nah I'd say "what a crappy situation" not cause of the fml but because of ops name.

The water tank scene in Divergent comes to mind.

I thought FML had pretty much gotten over the "shitty situation" puns until you brought it up again.

Most of these comments belong in the toilet. Sadly, it appears they have been left in the elevator

sounds like a shitty situation

Try something new next time!

I thought saying any 'shitty situation' pun was a ban-able offense? What happened?

FYL and Poor dog :(

I guess that is a shitty situation! No? Ok, I'll just leave now...

That's a shitty pun :/

And please take your shit with you when you leave

Quit shitting on his parade.

Steffi3 40

Oh man, I hope for you you didn't have to clean that all up as well. Then again, you're probably used to the smell by now.. =p

And you expect someone else to do it for you. Please do not ever own a animal with that mind set

#20 I know it's not right, but I think I'd try and leave before someone saw so I wouldn't have to clean it

A round of applause for 21. I know very few people who just come out and say "Hi, I'm a massive douche bag. Please feel free to hate me."

#32 If anyone joined this site to be liked then no one would comment. Hate me all you want, I really don't care.

I guess next time you'll be taking the stairs...

I hope you were the only one in there...

imagine being that bystander, it would be so awkward lol

On the other side, you would have to clean a small area!!

I was going to say I hope everything works out but it already seems like it did.

Talk about shooting fish in a barrel... The gun being a dogs shotgun asshole and the fish being OP in a metal box. Good times.