By booste - 18/10/2009 04:06 - Canada

Today, I was written up because my manager heard me insulting a customer. How did I insult her? I called her grandma. Who did I say this to? My grandma. FML
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perdix 29

The insult wasn't that she was old, it was that you outted her for being related to you.

Tell your boss.


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erika_lynnex 1

sorry to cmment just to be at the top but you shouldn't be making personal calls at work

He didn't say anything about calling he said his grandma was a customer so it was probably in person at the workplace.

PrinceFroggy 0

That's what happens in Canada

Tell your boss.

you'd think they'd do that

call him dad from now on

FusionPlacebo 26

What does that even have to do with this FML?

Did you not explain that to your boss?

perdix 29

The insult wasn't that she was old, it was that you outted her for being related to you.

jchansfan 0

That's where you explain your situation... lol :P

stupiddumbblonde 0

wow I hate people like your boss their just butts. get over it op and get a better job. that's how stupiddumbblondes roolllllllllll.....(seventh hehehe)

So you think all blondes are dumb?

Dude, I know two blonds at the top of their classes. So don't be stereotyping.

just tell him that and let him speak to your gran if so and get your job back

he never lost his job, its just now theres a piece of paper that says he was in trouble,,, o noes! I have at least 20 write ups at my work over the past year its just im good at what i do and very loveable so i dont get fired ;) lol as if...

I would retaliate. Call your boss grandpa.

automale30 0

you must not have or hold a job for long

BikerMike 0

contact the next level of management and explain to them that this person that you called grandma was accually your grandma. stuff like that in your personnell file may come back and haunt you later