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Today, I found out that when my room-mate agreed to babysit someone's two year old kid for money, what he really planned on doing was dumping it with me. The kid won't stop crying and screaming. FML
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video tape you taking care of the kid and claim the money

TalkinSmack 6

drop the kid off at the police station. ur roommate won't do that again.


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he should pretend to lose the baby and have the friend get in trouble

13 or when the roomate comes in: OP-"Remember what you did to me? Do that to my roomate." Baby-"goo goo gah gah!" *Roomate walks in* Roomate-"hi guys!" OP-"FIRE!!" *rips off baby's diaper* *Baby pises on him* Baby-"Oh O!"

imacreeper 3

you should set him up with an ugly girl friend of yours and tell him how beautiful she really is, then when he finally meets her lock them in the dorm for the same amount of time he left you with the baby ;p

25 wow. Hurt the girl's feelings why don't you?

Be assertive, call the parents and say it's not your responsibility to look after the baby! Just because your roommate left doesn't mean you have to look after the kid!

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24, you'd laugh if it was in a movie :P

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why are you watching the kid if you're not getting paid for it? you don't have to do anything you didn't agree to it. tell him to watch the kid.

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Locate your friend, dump the baby back at him and drive off as fast as you can.

Give the child a scale portion of benedryl tablet and you're child will be sleeping in no time.

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Just sit the kid down in front of Spongebob :D

i hope you know where the diapers are xD

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81-go to your account and when that comes up just press the thing that says "change picture"

video tape you taking care of the kid and claim the money

Video taping a kid. Just saying it sound weird. Mom-"What you do at your new home?" OP-"Video taped a kid for money."

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I agree but op just say you babysat the kid and call out your roommate...make sure you get the money op

Good idea! You should at least get the money for doing your "friend's" job!!

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Or just use chloroform. Works every time.

OMG 66, I love you! That's just great.

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chloroform... sounds like Casey Anthony case all over again..

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You don't kill the kid, just sedate them. There's a difference.

40 when did OP ever mentioned that his/her room-mate is his/her friend...?

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Your friend is a dick! Revenge!!

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Am I the only one who thumbed up this comment because the OP has a Katy Perry icon?

I agree. I'm sure the parents left a phone number-- the room-mate should have either given it to you or left it in a place readily accessible. Just give them a call telling them that your room-mate went out, leaving the child behind. You are not able to watch this child, and they will have to come pick him/her up. That's the best way to get back at your room-mate, really. That or give the child a marker and send him/her to your room-mate's room. It's amazing how much damage a two-year-old with a marker can do.

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Get a cut of what they're making.

superfluousfrog 6

only a cut? They did the work, they should get all of it?

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yeah you better make sure you get that money!

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Nah, chloroform. Works every time.

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"I just gave him some nyquil, he should be asleep in a few"

that's beat as hell. at some point he has to come home to collect it. wouldn't it be funny if you weren't there. just take the kid for a walk around the block and wait for your roommate to panic.

Seriously you should do that, I would. It might calm down the kid or any colorful cartoon works. benedryl does too.

The only drawback I can see is a potential kidnapping accusation.

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you just got "Voluntold"! :)