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  MrSassypants  |  32

13 or when the roomate comes in:

OP-"Remember what you did to me? Do that to my roomate."

Baby-"goo goo gah gah!"

*Roomate walks in*

Roomate-"hi guys!"

OP-"FIRE!!" *rips off baby's diaper*

*Baby pises on him*

Baby-"Oh O!"

  imacreeper  |  3

you should set him up with an ugly girl friend of yours and tell him how beautiful she really is, then when he finally meets her lock them in the dorm for the same amount of time he left you with the baby ;p

  honey_bee_fml  |  1

I agree. I'm sure the parents left a phone number-- the room-mate should have either given it to you or left it in a place readily accessible. Just give them a call telling them that your room-mate went out, leaving the child behind. You are not able to watch this child, and they will have to come pick him/her up. That's the best way to get back at your room-mate, really.

That or give the child a marker and send him/her to your room-mate's room. It's amazing how much damage a two-year-old with a marker can do.

By  xcarxcrashx  |  9

that's beat as hell. at some point he has to come home to collect it. wouldn't it be funny if you weren't there. just take the kid for a walk around the block and wait for your roommate to panic.