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What can I say? Everybody loves cupcakes. :)

Can't blame them, cupcakes are freakin amazing .


Not funny...

What can I say? Everybody loves cupcakes. :)

*Mugger arrives with pocketknife* OP: "You can have my money, just don't hurt me." Mugger: "Bitch, shut up and give me that damn cupcake!"

I almost burst into tears. This is truly one of the saddest FMLs I've read in a while. Call the police!

Have to watch out for those cupcake thieves.

maybe this mugger was on a lunch break. xD

Oh my, OP I am so sorry. That is just horrible. But it's not like you can blame him though!

Why a cupcake? Now bacon, that is something I would mugg someone for.

What about a bacon cupcake?

Well i hope you had a merry christmas anyway OP!

There are cupcake thieves on the loose! Quick! Hide all your cupcakes!!!!

Has anyone thought of the possibility that OP likes a gross flavour of cupcake? Imagine the mugger goes to take a bite, and then it's a fruitcake cupcake.

That nigga stole my cupcake

I really do love them. I'm sorry OP. I just love cupcakes. I couldn't resist the urge to take your cupcake. It was delicious, by the way,

He's climbin' in your windows, snatchin' your cupcakes up...

They're everywhere, man.

He's climbin in your windows he's snatchin your cupcakes up?

Can't blame them, cupcakes are freakin amazing .

When I read this I automatically thought of my friend, she LOVES cupcakes

She should join the cupcake club on Facebook =)

It had to of been chocolate or vanilla!! /)/) (^.^) (''')(''')Yummmm!!

What about red velvet ???!

Red velvet is basically just a chocolate cake with a shit ton of red food colouring...

No, red velvet is completely different from chocolate . They don't taste or look similar and the texture is different too . Red velvet is also generally more moist and typically has a thicker, sweeter icing on top, like butter cream .

STOP!! Your making me so hungry!!!!

I want cup cakes.... FEED ME.

...I'm sitting here with a batch of chocolate cupcakes that I'll be distributing to everyone at work as a farewell gift and won't be eating any of. You've just made my job 10x harder than it had to be, jerk :P

If it was Red Velvet I probably mug him also. Lmao

113- I'm so sorry for you, poor dear ! Maybe you could just "forget" a few at home, then when you get home you will HAVE to eat them, after all it would be such a waste if they weren't eaten by SOMEONE

I was at work while posting that message, I was doomed to suffer my fate. Fortunately there was one left over so I was happy with that :P

It depends what type of cupcake it was. . .

If it was Red Velvet, then I would mug OP, too.

If it was Baked by Melissa...that shit is totally valid!

What if it was a fruitcake cupcake? Yes, they exist... Sadly.

Look at the bright side, at least it was only a cupcake.

Only a cupcake ??? ONLY A CUPCAKE ?!?!?!? The nerve of some people . . .

cupcakes are the single greatest thing EVER!!!!!! cupcakes are not JUST cupcakes, their awesome :)

Yeah, this FML appears to be complaining that the robbery left them with all of their expensive gadgetry.

They are just the worst kind of people

They're pretty much happiness stealers

Actually even though you were joking I have to agree with you. This isn't a case of someone stealing because they're in a low socio economic status and trying to get by, this is some fucked up greed and belief that this individual can take whatever they want from people whenever they choose which is so much worse.

124- Nice way of putting it, that's very well said. You have restored some of my faith in humanity

Some people are in the "I WANT A CUPCAKE RIGHT NOW DAMNIT" type of mood...

Kakashi Sensei would know, he uses his ninja skills to steal cupcakes from little girls.

and you let him/her get away with stealing your cupcake?! shame shame shame!

Was it chocolate? Cause I'd kill for a chocolate cupcake.

Don't underestimate the value of a cupcake.