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By  KleenexWaffle  |  3

Boners go up, and then come back down.

Then up,
Then down.

And so on and so forth until about 65.

Then the Viagra comes in where it goes up,
and stays up,
and stays up some more,
still up,
up like a teenage kid at his first dance,
strong as a wet dream about Scarlett J,
straight as a ruler and twice as thick,
solid as an 8" flagpole,
still up here,
and here,
and here too,
still up,
this can't be good,
alright I have to go see a doctor but you get the picture.

HA! Gave you a mental image of a winky and now you can't stop picturing one!

Geez I'm immature. Sorry boys and girls.


  KleenexWaffle  |  3

Yo, 'Homey'. How is it 'Hanging'? I'm trying to speak your 'Hipizzle' new 'Streetizzle' language 'izzle', and I was just wondering 'Dawg izzlejustizzletookapizzleontherugizzle';

is there anyway to speak it without sounding like a retarded chimpanzee?

Just wondering. 'Yo'

  KleenexWaffle  |  3

I am not amused...

HA! I get it. 'yo-yo' jokes got 'out of hand'.
it's actually kinda funny.

I was just kidding about the whole 'not amused' thing.
You could even say I was just,
stringing you....(puts on sunglasses)...along

CSI:Miami joke, lame I know.