By fail - 14/04/2011 22:27 - Canada

Today, to impress my friends, I attempted to do a back flip. The only one impressed was the doctor who set my broken leg. FML
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lol why would the doctor be impressed?


yeah maybe If you would of seen a backflip fail video on YouTube, you probably wouldn't of tried that. lol

I'm too scared to do a backflip unless it's on a bounce hiuse

She is the backflip fail video on YouTube.

Exactly, 33, exactly.

I saw some girl doing backflips at my school today... I live in Ontario too Perhaps that was the OP

was she pretty? :P

ontarioooo:) nnd Lool ydi for bein a showoff or at least trying:p

81 I would be impressed

well I can do a backflip on a flat surface :P it really isn't something to fool around with though (especialy if you never did one before)... Op could have died if he/she fell on his/her neck... but he/she stil totally deserved it :P

Sticks and stones may brake my bones, but backflips will always hurt me.

agreed !! YDI dumby , haha

well, 116, i can do a backflip, running frontflip and sideflip out of roundoff:) and almost do a flash kick:)

YDI but that's hilarious. I wish I could've seen it.

153 - that's not impressive either. I do and teach gymnastics. If you had the terminology right... then I would have been a little more impressed. YDI, OP.

flashkick is a taekwondo term, not a gymnastics term, (at least, i think so, but it might be used) and it's still one hell of a lot more impressive than a backflip.

well I can do an Arabian double-front, and a full out

hope you recover quickly. fyl

definitely, so many bones to break so little time. godspeed good sir!

or ma'am.. just doesn't sound as good though

i feel their pain. fractured bone, sprained MCL, PCL, and LCL, torn ACL, and torn meniscus all at once. still no sports for 10 1/2 months. major surgery, blah blah blah all that fun stuff.

fuck that ge deserves it

YDI for being an attention seeking whore :)

if you have to try to impress them I would say their not your friends.....

lol why would the doctor be impressed?

impressed at how stupid OP is. that takes a lot.

YDI for *trying* to show off.

Should've done a front flip...

The doctor was impressed?

well only one thing to say, HA HA

You could get twice as many as that amount, Boner, if you soaked them in water first.

You don't have to lie about friends.

Maybe they do, if they are the type that you have to constantly keep trying to impress. (That's the kind of friend I am, obviously.)