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Today, I confronted my husband about him being unfaithful. He said his reasons were because he's just not attracted to me anymore and my current weight repulses him. I'm six months pregnant with his child. FML
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Even if he is no longer attracted to you, you ARE his wife. Unless you two agreed on taking out the part of the vows that include being faithful, he is an ass.

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I'm so sorry =| he's a prick, you have your child to look out for, ignore his dumbass and do what you have to do! good luck w| everything.


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Wow, that sucks. What an ass.

aww man that really stinks! .. sorry op..

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sucks for her and probably the baby.

cut his balls off :-/ and let's see how he feels then

DIVORCE HIM! my best friend's husband was planning on cheating on her while she was pregnant (she still is) but she found out. this was his second time cheating during the relationship but first in the marriage. he promised her he'd change and low and behold he's now asking his wife for orgies! she knows she should leave him but she says she can't handle losing him and the baby in the same year (they're putting it up for adoption because they can barely support eachother). I'm so worried for her

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108 - I was sharing my friends experience with the OP.

What's up with the "that sucks" comments? We already know it's a bad situation, no need to repeat it.

156 - People say that as a statement of the fact that they empathize with the OP. While the wording is redundant, the idea isn't. I'm not calling you a sociopath, but you might want to examine the fact that something like empathy has to be explained to you.

If the baby is causing a schism in your marriage, just abort it and get your figure back. Even if you do decide to leave him, you're going to have a much easier time of it without dragging around his spawn.

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Relax 240, 238 was just kidding. ..I think.

I think someone needs to explain to 169 what not giving a shit means

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Uhhhh well great someone is pregnant. That doesn't stop that the sex is horrible, if you ever get any. And the ridiculous emotional crap that always goes down makes it hard to even be there for your wife, and when shes screeching at you and 40 pounds heavier than usual, it makes it hard to be attracted to that. Sorry, but I am guessing most negative comments on this are from women, or pregnant women, which kind of proves my point. Sorry ladies, it's true.

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then never get anyone pregnant then! remember, it takes 2 to make a baby! so stfu!

107- it's not like we know her friend so please stfu because it's irrelevant.


As for OP, I really hope you left his ass!!! If you somehow managed to stay together I hope for the sake of all involved that you actually got past it and managed to find trust and happiness again and not just hide it and let if fester.

tell him to **** off and to appreciate your baby. if then just ignore him until the baby comes out. ;)

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yes tell him to go *** himself, and take his child support

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Divorce that bastard and take all of his money and the baby!!!!

or tell him that he got you pregnant... Lol.

or kill him and get life insurance. use the money to support you and your child. he'll probably be of better use then.

leave his butt! take him to the cleaners!

If he didn't want her to grow a baby bump, he shouldn't have impregnated her.

how is getting him a clean butt going to help anything??

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I'm so sorry =| he's a prick, you have your child to look out for, ignore his dumbass and do what you have to do! good luck w| everything.

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Even if he is no longer attracted to you, you ARE his wife. Unless you two agreed on taking out the part of the vows that include being faithful, he is an ass.

yea, kinda but he's a huge jerk she should go find a real man and not a stupid boy

she's already pregnant , she can't just leave

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She can leave if she really wants to. There are plenty of really good single mothers out there, though they usually have really good support besides the father of the child, like parents/siblings/friends to help raise the child and help with any financial needs.

Just because she is pregnant does not mean she has to stay with the asshole! There are plenty of women and men who manage perfectly to look after their children by themselves. She deserves MUCH better - and so does her little one!

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yes she can. she doesn't need an asshole like that

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Ouch! Hope you get everything in the divorce.

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the fact that most people think like this is why I will never get married.

50 - think like what? about getting a divorce due to cheating, or cheating?

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Think like what? Think it's wrong to marry a woman, get her pregnant and then cheat on her? Marriage isn't really my cup of tea either, but if that's what you choose and you take vows, then that's your ******* problem when you break them.

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think like what? if you take vows and are having someone's child while they are out screwing other women then the least bit of comfort is to divorce them and take what they have. and even then that still isn't enough, that emotional damage she endured will last forever

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No - Think like a divorce is an opportunity to take half of everything that the other person has worked for in their lifetime. A divorce is hard enough without going the extra mile to be an uber-bitch and take half of what isn't yours for spite.

Monikabug 9

No - think like a divorce is an opportunity to forcibly take half of what the other person has worked their entire life for. As if divorce wasn't difficult enough emotionally to begin with. People who go the extra mile to be an uber-bitch and take half of what isn't theirs, for the sole purpose of SPITE should be ashamed and/or beaten mercilessly and don't deserve love.

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So, I realize my original comment may come off sounding a bit too "spiteful" and "uber-bitchy". I've never been married, am just a product of divorced parents and get a little feisty when there are kids involved. Hope he takes care of his.

I hope that arsehole has the guts to explain why he cheated to that child when they are old enough, I would skin him alive:'(

divorce him immediately. You don't want to be stuck with that prick. Good luck with you and the baby. Get him to pay up child support. As he's also admitted to cheating, you should be able to have full custody of the child. What an asshole!!

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You act as though it is just so easy to divorce someone. A marriage is not the same thing as a goddamn high school or a middle school relationship. If the OP thought that her husband was so easily replaceable, she would not have married them in the first place. Marriage is a serious and life-altering decision that two people make, and is to be taken as just that, serious. My first piece of advice to the OP would not be to jump on the divorce wagon, seeing as she most likely does not want a divorce. She loves her husband, she has an extensive history with him, they have a child on the way, all of these things are telling her to try and work it out - so divorce is not an easy fix. Anyone who jumps straight to divorce obviously either is not married, or doesn't take marriage seriously. :

he cheated on her and said bc she was pregnant that it was ok to cheat on her... I you would stay with an ass like that then you deserve to be miserable. a relationship is about both people working to stay together. clearly if YOU were married, or just not a 12 year old, you would know that. he clearly doesn't care about her or her feelings, and has no place in the heart or home of any decent human being

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everyone really gets into these fmls lol

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@54, Actually what the OP's husband did was try to justify cheating on her by saying that he is not attracted to her anymore, and that her current weight repulsed him - not that it was "okay because she was pregnant." So the rest of your statement is pretty much void to me and can not be taken seriously, seeing as how you can't even properly read an FML posting without jumping to conclusions and pulling assumptions from your backside.

y'all write so damn much in these things. too long

monikabug I've been married for fourteen years. I know damn well what marriage is like and I have friends that have been in the same situation. Marriage IS hard work. To have a guy cheat on you is ok because her weight repulses him? you need a reality check girl!! Being stuck with someone you can no longer trust is not being in a relationship. I know I could never trust that prick again. OP deserves better!!

Divorcing can be pretty stressful though. What he really needs is a size 9 steel toecapped boot to the balls. And I mean one with such force that he won't be able to cheat on you until you are able to cope with the stress of getting divorced.

Monikabug 9

Okay, I am still missing the part where I said that it was okay. *Palmface* See, you people read what you want to read. Allow me to clarify. I NEVER SAID THAT IT WAS OKAY FOR HIM TO CHEAT ON HER. If you need further clarification, reread above sentence until your eyes bleed.

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you said that she shouldnt divorce him when clearly she should. there's no excuse for cheating. every person knows what they are doing when they are in the act. it's called self control.

eyes cant help but bleed with your loooooooooong messages...

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If you think cheating isn't grounds for a divorce, then what the hell is? My fiancé both agree that if one of us were to ever cheat, we'd have lawyers drawing up divorce papers the very next day. You can never trust someone ever again once they've cheated on you. You don't cheat on someone you truly love. There's no "oh I was drunk" " oh it didn't mean anything" "oh I made a mistake". If you truly love someone the thought of cheating would never even cross your mind.

If you're going to enter into a marriage with someone you are agreeing to go through thick and thin. Don't jump to divorce, try to work it out and see someone. Cheating is not okay, but it's not something a couple simply cannot overcome. Put in some freaking effort. Getting a divorce is not solving a problem like some of you seem to think it is.

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Okay let me sum up my thoughts. Since reading is such a bad thing for you. *Sigh* Divorce is not an easy fix and is not for everyone, because genuine feelings are invested and it is hard to let go of someone you love, regardless of their betrayal. All things can be worked through - even if the end result IS separation. Again, the husband IS WRONG (W-r-o-n-g) in this situation BUT as I said SEVERAL times - people do not marry people they deem replaceable. So in closing, DIVORCE IS NOT EASY AND WILL NOT IMMEDIATELY FIX THINGS.

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When you enter a marriage you also vow to always be faithful. Believe me, I am all for marriage counseling when you have problems. However, in my opinion cheating and abuse are the only issues that are grounds for a divorce.

the only reason I've give my husband a second chance if he cheated is if he told me instead of me catching him and I could tell he's sorry

make him pay child support like we've never heard that one before if she wants a divorce he shouldn't have to pay child support

You are very judgmental. Everything you are saying also applies to him. He is the cheater. All that blah blah about replaceable yadda yadda shouldn't be spouted at her but at the man who thought it was ok to replace HER, if only temporarily, because he was repulsed by HIS child growing in her belly. But there is something wrong with her if she decides she doesn't want to be with a heartless ass clown who only thinks of himself. OP divorce his ass fast! and get plenty of child support. Throw in some pain and suffering too. Hopefully this doesn't mess up your pregnancy.

Maybe I just want my marriage to last. It would be horrible to work through, and it would take a lot of time, but I wouldn't serve the papers as a first option. This is why divorce rates are so high. I put a lot of effort into our relationship BEFORE I got married, I will put in everything I have before I'd file for divorce. OP got her feelings hurt, but I'm sure she knew he was a bit of an ass, unless they didn't actually have a conversation before they said "I do."

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Yes, he should still pay child support. He still fathered the child and it is because of his actions they are divorcing. Cheating in a marriage is NEVER okay.

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I nearly fell asleep reading this..... please keep ur cemments short and sweet

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Just because he's supposed to pay child support doesn't mean he will, a lot of people don't. Also, a judge likely won't take away all custody rights for cheating. Sure the mother will get the main custody but the father might get weekend privileges.

100% agreed. I hope I never have to choose between losing someone I love and feeling like a jack-ass for forgiving a cheater.

go away!! take your stupid little argument and GO! so annoying to scroll through these.

time to ditch that ****. leave the baby with him and get out of town. that should stop his whoring.

If you had a baby, would YOU leave your child with someone like that?

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WTF Wud Yu Leave Tha Bby With Him.