By blanknameisblank - 09/06/2014 19:36 - United States - Fayetteville

Today, I broke my nose trying to pop a zit. FML
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Lebeaugars95 20

I think it happened when he was trying to pop a zit, don't quote me though, I'm not sure

I've hurt my nose trying to pop pimples. Apparently popping pimples is bad for your skin though and you're supposed to let them heal naturally.

damnit1989 16

#17, he asked HOW he managed it, not WHEN he managed it.

OP = Retard, how else do you think they managed that?

#26 - #17 made no reference to the time at which OP had this mishap.

damnit1989 16

He said "I think it happened WHEN he was trying to pop a zit." That is a time reference, in case you forgot what "when" means.

Yeah, sounds rather impressive actually...

It only takes 2 pounds of pressure to break someone's nose.

The when is not referring to an actual time, it's referring to the action. If we're going to pick bones, #17's sentence wasn't right and shouldn't really have contained the word 'when'. But, this isn't what we're supposed to be commenting on....

jazzy_123 20

it was probably on the bridge of her nose. I have this tool that I use to help pop pimples and when I use it too hard on the side or bridge of my nose it hurts and I feel like if I'm going to break my nose so I just stop lol

Game of Thrones. Oberyn Martell. Do I need to say more?

I think they were getting a little violent with it...

Nickb55 16

That must have been one massive zit

" Oh shit, this zit is huge! Let me go get my hammer! "

incoherentrmblr 21

Worse than Don Vito's back zit...

Seems like a real puss of a problem.

I realize you're making a pun, and I understand the reference to pimple popping, but I'm confused as to what word you're trying to make it sound like.

Except 'pus' and 'puss' are two very, very different words. So I'm a little confused as well.

I am completely unsure of what word I meant that to be. We'll leave it up to imagination.

Well shit I hope so, if he had to go to the extent of breaking his own nose

RedPillSucks 31

hopefully you got that bastard zit?

I agree, cuz that zit sure got OP. Reminds me of the zit Chris from Family Guy had. The zit that pulled a gun on him.

Also, It's probably a lot worse to have both a zit and a broken nose, than just the latter...

lil_miss_simran 15

ouch! you shouldn't pop zits

hippo1234 19

Eh, some of those suckers need to be popped.

Now that raises a question. What would happen if someone were quick/slick enough to make the hulk hit himself?

The Flash. That would be a beautiful moment.

Respect101 17

Quick Silver is better than the Flash.

martin8337 35

I guess you don't know your own strength.