By ottawaaa - 27/01/2009 22:26 - Canada

Today, I was having sex with my girlfriend and as I pulled out to finish I slipped and ended up punching her in the stomach, I came while she was writhing in pain. FML
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that's what you get for using the pullout method FAIL

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Dirrtyrice 0

HAHA...uterine punch contraceptive...nice idea

Laid2Rest6661 0

How the hell did you manage that one?

The last part made it even better. "I came while she was writhing in pain."

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Next time, before you punch her, you should ask her "Who's the boss" so she gets the full Tony Danza experience.

punching her in the stomach: the best morning after pill money can buy patent that shit

ell3x0 0

awe, at least you care about the fact that you hurt ur gf. most dudes, like the ones who commented on here, dont care as long as they nut. thank you for being decent.