By Anonymous - 30/11/2009 20:35 - United States

Today, me and my girlfriend were riding on my motorcycle. While at a stop light, she started to make these weird noises. Turns out she was having an orgasm. I still can't give her one. FML
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well the motocycle vibrates like crazy. guys can't do that.


hahaha nice. OP, perhaps you should invest in some sex toys?

supremes1997 0

There's only on plausible solution. **** her on the bike!

Am I the only one who saw this on 1,000 Ways To Die?

I clicked random. and the same think xcepts from the girls prospective is like 2 spots away. wierd huh

megapeyt 17

#63 If you don't know what that is, you're too young to be here.

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I saw something similar to this before.

perdix 29

Yeah, last time it was a girl who was riding with her dad! At least this time, the girl was with someone with whom she should have an ******. The previous one had weird Electra Complex aspects.

1. guys would fight for that girl, is it not what men want? a woman to love their Harley? 2. if that's all it takes for a woman to ******..then woman would ****** all the time if they had the male imagination.

Corrupt_waffles 13

Ew. Harley's. It's all about Norton and Triumph. I personally love my 72' commando.

if u cant give her one but a motorcycle ride can .... u must be really dainty........!!!

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I wouldn't read too much into it, all that vibration. I've heard it happens a lot. OP just needs some communication in the bedroom.

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lmao she doesn't ****** when she rides u, only when she rides ur motorcycle

yes, we read the fml. thank you for summarizing. you can go home now.

mehhh this one has been done before. I call bs.

Why BS just because it's been done before? I could easily see it happening to multiple people.

Yes... because girls awalys ****** on motorcycles...


It was probably the vibration from the motor on the motorcycle. Same thing happened to my sister...sort of. Her boyfriend was massaging her back with a vibrating massager and she began having an ******. He has never given her one. But still...FYL.

lucyinthesky420 10

I think it's awkward you know that about your sister... Just sayin.

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next time while your having sex, put the front wheel of your motorcycle on her ****** and start driving and we'll see who's having the ****** haha