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Today, I saw a pair of eyes looking at me from my closet. Realizing it must be my cat, I called her. She immediately came out from under my bed. I can't find anything in my closet. FML
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ChristianH39 30

Have fun trying to fall asleep!


RenoTheRhino 30

It could be a mouse or a mole living in the walls or under the floor. So, OP shouldn't worry too much.

Most likely it was just a misinterpretation, I doubt OP is in any danger.

Start video taping. You could be in the next Paranormal Activity.

Too many bad home made attempts already. Just like the Blair witch project.

There were a lot of bad Blair witch attempts. That movie was terrifying.

Blair Witch was like a mother of all homemade-esqu movies and was awesome.

rodents? op should still be worried.

It's logical reasoning like these that makes people get killed in horror movies.

#62 a person with a sheet over his head going around hitting people with a rolled up newspaper could be the next paranormal activity.

Yea, like 48 said. On the other hand, it might be Sully :)

She needs to call Sam and Dean Winchester before it's too late!

ChristianH39 30

Have fun trying to fall asleep!

Pretty sure sleeping is the least of OPs issues right now!

oh yeah so you see something looking at you from the closet but noooo you closed the closet door so nothing can get you now

Yeah, 110, that's how it works. Just like if you don't have any limbs hanging off the side of the bed, the monster underneath can't drag you off! Or if you hide under your covers, nothing can get to you. That's exactly how it works and I'm not listening to anybody who says otherwise!

But what about when you are sleeping and the doors are closed, but then you are woken up by the sound of them opening!!!

Who said it wasn't your cat? They're powerful, you should know that...

what do you mean? she said it wasnt her cat. her cat was under the bed. im assuming she has only one cat because she didnt say it might have been my other cat.

Maybe the cat is a master of teleportation and teleported to underneath the bed just before OP called them. Maybe there's a wormhole leading from the wardrobe to underneath OP's bed which the cat used. Or maybe there's just a hideous monster hiding in the closet, just waiting to get OP when they are finally asleep!

Hey, maybe it's a free cat! A few more and you can be lonely forever.

"I'm not lonely! I have a hundred cats to keep me company! And cats won't cheat on me or lie to me or be unfair! They love me for who I am!"

Well they won't lie or cheat on you :)

Hmm. My cat likes my sister more than me and cuddles her while she sleeps - cheating and he meows and meows for me to feed him when his bowl is full for the attention. - lying never trust the kitties

lexiieeex3 32

It was probably a shiny outfit or something

I didn't know shiny outfits looked like eyes in the night

It's just like finding a big spider, there's just no other logical thing to do but burn the house down.

You haven't seen Texas chainsaw, have you?

It was probably a demon, nothing to worry about...

HeadlessSparrow 20

Not like there is a button for that.

No cause actually saying i love something you did can mean a lot more to someone then. An annonymous like. And can brighten someones whole day

Time to call Ghost Busters. Or a priest.

#24 YES! Salt rings will do the trick.

8313girl 28

@24: And if then if they can't find the demon then OP can make a man sandwich.

sexpectations 15

fill a humidifier with holy water