By ItsAnanya - 02/04/2013 15:34 - India - New Delhi

Today, a girl punched me square in the face, effectively leaving it with purple swellings because I called her boyfriend an "uncle". Said boyfriend IS my uncle. FML
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Hey guys! It's OP :] So most of you were confused as to why she would hit me for calling my uncle...uncle. She thought I was insulting him and making him feel old and by extension implying that SHE was old. She also blamed it on the fact that it seemed as I was trying to hit on him ? ( I'm still confused about that one ) Thank heavens my uncle puts family first. Miss.Pack-A-Punch is out of our lives for good !

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Why would that even be offensive?! Who the hell finds that sexy? "Who's your uncle baby?"


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No #12, your line is "you're a dumbass."

Oh, silly Red Forman...forgetting his lines!

81- You deserve to be beat for saying "cray".

So "dat shit cray" is no longer a valid phrase within social interactions? Hmm. I'll have to make a note of it within my journal of social protocols.

I think that the real problem here is the economy.

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Why does people always resort to violence? Especially when they don't know if it's correct or not.

Apparently it's easier to use a show of force and make others believe you're correct, as opposed to admitting you are wrong

Civilization is over man, people are becoming more impatient and selfish. Just another example of people throwing tantrums like children because they don't like something.

Civilization isn't over! If I were near you I would punch you in the face just to prove that I am right.

Why does? I hope English isn't your first language.

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Sadly, 62, foreigners can speak English better than some native English speakers.

39 - I'd say we're getting better actually. Once upon a time, so many "insults" were met with a duel. It's flippin ridiculous the things people used to kill each other for. Now before you say "people still kill each other for stupid sh!t", I'm talking normal people. It used to be pretty typical. Now we (generally) look down upon that kind of savagery.

The thing is that we have Internet today. So much access to stupidity can make someone stupid. We can read stupidity, hear, watch and study it on the net, unlike other generations. So I don't think we're any lesser than the generations before us.

94, excellent point! Take Joshua Tree National Park as an example: a guy lives off the land, long after Native Americans had left, built a decent dam to retain the little water left, with his bare hands, and started a mine. Another guy, who has trails and the only mine named after him, that he didn't start, comes in with his wife and kids and kills the original guy who started it all, and buries the original guy next to the only trail to get to the mine. He put, "Here lays (the man's name) that I shot cold blooded (or something very similar to that)." signed by the murderer's name. Yet, Joshua Tree idols this guy, naming so many things after him, for coming in and killing a guy who created it by himself. It wasn't a crime either. If you didn't give a person, who had higher power than you, what he/she wanted, you'd die. (Sorry for the lack of names; too lazy to look them up or look at my pictures). The first time I backpacked around Joshua Tree, I was infatuated with how much this guy and his family had achieved. I was also curious why he killed the other guy. When I got home to research it, I got sick to my stomach.

Why would that even be offensive?! Who the hell finds that sexy? "Who's your uncle baby?"

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Maybe she's really offended by familial nouns

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Ohh I'd find it super sexy if a girl said it to me

Most people call older strangers (such as a guy that might be working at a store) Uncle instead of Sir or Mister in Malaysia, which has lots of Indian immigrants. I'm assuming this lady got mad because she thought OP was pretty much just calling her boyfriend old.

Was this the first time she was made aware of him being an uncle?

I hope so. Otherwise that's disgusting.

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Why is it disgusting? I actually know lots of situations where the uncle is actually younger than the niece/nephew.

Without more info this is assumed to be the general "older uncle" situation, RedPill.

I'm still confused as to why it's disgusting for someone to be an uncle, no matter the uncle's age...

at #99,Yea I have no idea either why it's considered "disgusting" either or I'm just missing something here.

I became an aunt at the age of 8, because I have a brother who is 12 years older than I. So, it's not disgusting...

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I'm thinking that 43 thinks older men are icky or something. Honestly, as long as everyone's legal age and happy, age is irrelevant.

i think 43 was referring to the girlfriend's behaviour as disgusting. i think :/

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The girlfriend probably thought OP was calling him old, regardless she's still a bitch

Language is a wonderful thing, no? It evolves to the point where next to anything can earn you a broken nose, while some of the most random or even offensive things make women swoon.

Ok I looked it up on urban dictionary uncle can mean "A person who is too hot to handle." I guess the girlfriend thought she was using that definition?

@72 I have to assume that's just a stylized way of defining the old-fashioned safe word.

If she thinks someone being called "Uncle" is old... I wonder what's going to happen if she's called "Aunt".

Uncle was also a term used for black men after slavery. Instead of using "sir" or something.

uh, what? there are some issues in that relationship

Does your uncle know what a crazy bitch his girlfriend is?

If he didn't before, he sure as hell does now

Well.... I dont agree to the violence part, but she might have been sensitive to her bf's feelings, hence her reaction.... Might also be a sign of care/love from her side?!?!?!

That's definitely not how I'd want someone I "love" to react in that situation

#48 how does loving him allow her to be easily offended by a nephew calling her boyfriend his uncle? Maybe she's sensitive about his age (assuming he is older)?

Don't call him her uncle! Don't you know how offensive that is?!??

Don't call him her uncle! Don't you know how offensive that is?!??

Don't call him her uncle! Don't you know how offensive that is?!??

Does that make her your possible Auntie-to-be? Lucky you.

Did your uncle do something about it? That's not cool of her at all.