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Today, my girlfriend and I were going at it doggy style, really fast, when she started laughing. I asked her what was so amusing and she giggled, "I can't feel anything in there." FML
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That could either mean you have a small penis... Or she just has a gaping, vacuous ******.

A woman can achieve ****** with her finger. Just because somebody has a small penis doesnt mean him (or her lol) cant pleasure their partner.

No kidding- for both of them! Try a different hole?

"Just because somebody has a small penis doesnt mean him (or her lol) cant pleasure their partner." True true, but the pleasure will depend more on mouth and fingers than on a penis that's really hard to feel, I think. Now ontopic. One: you two have to work on your communication. Two: it's absolutely normal if you don't feel anything when drilling rapidly. Fast sex -> vagayay gets wetter and wetter -> penis feels less and less -> starts to shrink -> nobody feels anything.

Agree with #67. The wetness is probably why she couldn't feel anything. Although I don't think that's ever been a problem in that particular position for me. Ya gotta just laugh these things off don't ya hehe!? :)

I would say it would actually suck to be her...the FML didn't say *he* wasn't getting any pleasure.

I mean... I wouldnt be satisfied unless my partner was enjoying the experience.

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1. *you're *too 2. Yeah that will solve all of their problems.

Yes because she said it to insult him personally, and it is something that can easily be fixed with another insult.

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79 and 108 I was going to change my comment after I realized how stupid it was but I had only 3 seconds left And I Wasn't able to my real comment that I wanted was ATLEAST SHE WILL BE NICE AND TIGHT FOR HER NEXT BOYFRIEND

Whoa there are you doing ok? And what do you mean? I wasn't aware there was a timer on comments.

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124 there is its like hundred seconds but I waited to long and the nice and tight comment was a reference to another FML about a mans dick being to small

Don't know why you got negative comments because that's brilliant

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Yeah it doesn't really work to flip it on her like that

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words men hate hearing. fyl OP...

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I think the words you're thinking of are actually, "You're the father."

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Or "let's talk." Actually... the possibilities are endless with men.

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Really the worse possibility coulb be. "Is it in yet? I can't feel anything." during sex. Then a month later. "We have to talk. You might be the father. but I cheated on you."

It happens, and it's not exactly a nice problem. I'm sorry you feel this way about this kind of issue,

This sounds like a horse ebooks tweet

Either she's really loose ... Or ...

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It could just be a position that doesn't work for her.

I don't know if this is true for anyone else, but for me if we've been going at it for a while or really hard I just start to get numb down there. Has nothing to do with the size of anything.

Aw don't worry. It's not about how big it is, it's about knowing how to work with what you've got.

Apparently he wasnt working it too well if she couldn't feel anything.

if you go really fast for long enough sometimes it gets a little numb down there, maybe she didn't say that just because he sucks in bed

Wizardo 33

But what if she feels like new after the first 3 inches and OP can't reach the promised land? So unfortunate...

^first 1/3 of the ****** is the sensitive area, the inner 2/3..not so much. Unless what you're saying isn't implying depth.

For OP's sake, I hope you're correct, #29.

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#7 gets it. There aren't as many nerve endings very deep in anyway, so size really doesn't matter. How you use it does matter! Doggy style just doesn't seem to do it for me, or other ladies I know. It's just not as stimulating. As Chef might say, "You just gotta find the ********." :)

Goddamn I just don't know what to say op. maybe find another girl with a tighter vag? I don't know sorry I just can't relate but I feel for you bro. If I ever heard them words come out of my girls mouth I think I'd die a little inside

"Find a girl with a tighter vag[ina]"? That's a tad shallow.

Haha sorry guys I admit that comment was in really bad taste. But I do feel for Op

On an semi-unrealated note, finding "a new girl" based on the size and elasticity of her "vag" is shallow, as the above comment stated. Let's just date girls for sex and love them only for their party-parts, not based on true emotions or connections, shall we? Excuse my bluntness, but this was definitely the vibe I received from this comment.

>Says judging women by size and tightness is shallow >Likely judges guys by size and girth

I was expressing the vibe I received from his comment whether it's correct or not. (8: Sorry if that offended you, by the way.) You, however, are making assumptions.

#40 yeah, or not. based on her previous comments. how about you get back to 4chan?

Oh dear god, please don't associate me with the zit on the Internet's ass cheek that is 4chan!! I was honestly in a foul mood(and in a lot of pain) when I wrote that last comment , so apologies.

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Tell her you can't feel anything either and you can hear an echo every time you stop...

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"hey babe you got a wide ******, hey babe you got a wide ******."

Damn Wizardo, help me find my keys and we can drive out of here...

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I was thinking op should have replied the same to save face. - well damn girl, I can't feel shit either!

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If he was in the other hole, by which I'm assuming you mean anal, then trust me, she would most definitely feel something.

#11 I'm guessing you haven't had sex before