By fmylifebigtime - 25/02/2012 14:35 - United States

Today, I found the list my wife made of the things she was going to give up for Lent. The first one was "Sex with other men". FML
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Well, you should give up monogamy!!

Leave a list laying around for her to find, and make the first item: "marriage".


Hahahahahahaha that sucks

shanemaximo 7

The worst part is, lent only lasts 40 days.

indielove 13

Give her up for lent. Only it won't be for 40 days but permanent.

OP, divorce her ass and find someone that deserves you.

1 you ma'am are a bitch.

#1 won't be laughing if this happened to her. Smh

Get your self checked. She can have a bitch load of diseases

Thou shall not commit adultry. Doesn't that come before lent?

Damn_Hippster 11

OP should make a list that says he should stop having sex with other men as well...that'll confuse her

1- you miss are an ignorant asshole

juicystar777 4

awwwh your wife is so caring. she only wants to do it with you! isn't that the way marriage is supposed to be? .. you should be flattered ;)

I can't tell of you're sarcastic or just dead serious.. All your comments are like this.

rttr 18

She was cheating on OP, and she is temporarily giving up cheating. As the person above me said, all of your comments are idiotic.

juicystar777 4

i am serious, why wouldn't I be? :( ohh, okay, that makes a lot more sense! here I was thinking OP should be a lot more greatful :P and no reason to be mean :( i have feelings too. thanks for clearing that up for me though!

b0ngs 7

12- Your comments make me laugh- not because they're funny, but because of how stupid and peppy they sound.

A "little" oblivious, huh?

sorry, but you give blondes a bad name.

WoshJinchell93 11

I'm gonna get in on the action here and would tear.

47... Pretty sure I've seen 'her' photo posted all over tumblr for at least a year. She could be a he :)

Im glad her pic shows her blondeness, but i wished it stopped there

She could be a pretty good troll. Valid picture and "preppy gal slang" in her description. But being that clueless is way too obvious.

blackbelt25 12

#8- key word is "temporarily"

andy231245 4

soooo 42 you come here often or what

12 I am sorry , but there is something called "brain" you are lacking it .

Well, you should give up monogamy!!

So2011 4

And maybe have a threesome.

MerrikBarbarian 9

Statistically speaking humans aren't very monogamous anyways. Polygamy is more natural- and fun! :p

130 speaks the truth. Nothing against monogamous people :P

magicrock 8

Well OP... I know what you're not going to get for the next while. But I hope you do get a divorce!

Sunshine and lolipops!!!!

MrsUresti 8

I am sorry OP your wife sucks leave her and find someone who loves you for you and who will remain faithful to you!!!!

What does OP mean?

No one knows what it means but it's provocative and it gets the people goin ;)

drlove78843 6

Ocean pacific

sammyjanette 17

It means Obviously Philandering.

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Organic penguin

What a dedicated woman!

Orgasmic Phenomenon.

OP is short for Optimus Prime. It's just a fun nickname to the person who posted

53 - made my day! Niggaz in Paris! Haha!

Ovulating Prostate. Duh.

haha Blades of Glory, i like it.

85 said a bad word!!! Mod!!!! *sucks thumb*

That's sort of hot, silentbutfunny! Keep going while I get the camera.

Grab a card with alot of space, ill be here all night

HannahWho 8

Organic Prostitutes--home grown right here in the backyard of beautiful California. Their melons will never go bad!

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Omniscient Pickle

Holy Jesus #5 I'll be your Mr Uresti

MrsUresti 8

#176 lmao

Obviously Philandering

stormthief 10

there being sarcastic!! no need to hate sarcastic comments

What animal don't you want to marry? A CHEATA!! No seriously dude Im sorry your wifes an ass

iamabamf 17

Or a cougar? Oh, wait...

Wait so is she a cat or a donkey?

Shes both. Shes a donkat

This reminds me of this time I was in detention, and two male teachers were talking about the male counterpart to a cougar. It's a manther. That was freshman year, and I'm still scarred. *shudder*

Leave a list laying around for her to find, and make the first item: "marriage".

^ pure win right there, lol.

Redoxx_fml 22

Your list should include "being married to a hoe"

Did you give up the same thing?

VasilisaUzhasnaj 29

We don't know enough about OP to assume that he gave up sex with other men as well. But it's always a possibility.

Maybe that's the fml, he doesn't want to give up sex with other men, and it's ruined their orgy parties now that she's unwilling to participate.

cutiepie111 3

aww sorry OP! I feel bad for you, your wife's an ass!