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  Sinshine  |  27

The first thing I thought of was that cop who shot a dude living I'm the apartment below her and claimed she thought she went into her own apartment and saw a silhouette and shot in self defense...

By  Skydome6666  |  6

huh so your elevator's go directly to your apartment and not a hallway on the second third fourth etc floor?

that's just odd. there must be lots of elevators in that building.

By  KittyMack  |  13

I did this a week after my first husband died in our apartment. Well, didn't get in, because my key wouldn't work. As I was fumbling the knob started to turn as the resident came to check what was up. I'm not a believer in the supernatural but being distraught and very sleep deprived I was addled. For a split second I figured a ghost was turning that knob and I let out a deafening scream lol. Resident's POV: a screaming stranger tried to get in. Poor them! Luckily we are Canadian so none of us were armed and the situation de-escalated instantly.