By imatool - United States
  Today, I learned that my wife had an affair with another guy. She met him while we were on a trip in another state for marriage counseling. The reason we were in marriage counseling was because she had no desire for sex, and we had gone for two years without it. FML
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By  Cormophyte  |  0

Know what I love? In reading through these comments and from past experiences with people's attitudes toward cheating I get the general impression that a lot of people (usually women) think that when a woman screws around it's because she's unfulfilled and the guy should fix the relationship.

But these same people are usually the first to throw a wild badger at any guy who dares to so much as spank it to some internet porn, let alone withhold sex for two years while (at least) having sex on their COUPLE'S THERAPY GETAWAY.

  22cute  |  17

I'd say it means Op has discovered what was wrong with his marriage. She was no longer attracted to HIM.
Nothing wrong with her sex drive.

  ForestFire0  |  1

I agree. YDI for letting a marriage go two years without sex. You must be a huge pussy. Your wife is clearly many leagues above you and you were just glad she let you look at her. She probably walked all over you the entire marriage and you were grateful she was willing to mary you for your money. How did it take two years for you to realize something was wrong?


lol @Cormophyte. I felt e-love. *Quite* well put.
Steph... seriously. Slippery slope you're going down there.
Love doesn't require a catalyst. Infatuations do. They also like justifications. Just ask anyone in the domestic violence department.

By  Broc  |  0

Did you really think this wasn't inevitable?

YDI for waiting TWO YEARS before getting counseling, and acting surprised when your wife cheated on you.

  Puolukka  |  4

They may have tried other things desire for sex can also be due to physical hormones. I had that issue after I switched birth control...and if you don't know about it you're not gonna suspect that your BC makes you not want to have also took us like 6 months to figure out what was wrong. I switched BC again and then it was all good.

But I do agree that two years does seem like an awful long year I'd understand...but not two.