By seeminglyunsexy - / Friday 14 August 2009 15:53 / United States
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Dude, HahaYDI, why the F do you reply to every top comment? I read your shitty replies for the last ten or so FML's... You are 24 and live in Miami. Don't you have a life? Go to the beach or something and annoy the surferboys


I like how my comment got moderated, and when they give me a link to show me what "rules" i'm supposed to follow, the page doesn't exist. Way to fail FML, fuck you and your moderating comments.

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He might not be. Depends on how obligated you are to stay in the marriage because of money / kids, and how easily you can get another partner. Marriage is SACRED.. Who am I kidding. Husband & wife weight losing challenge? There are no greener pastures. Lmao..

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