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Today, I found out that my husband was trying to cheat on me while I was away at basic training. I signed up for the service to pay off his debt. FML
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Hope you learned enough training to kick his ass.


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Op why would you join the army for money? Especially if it's for a deadbeat douche? It doesn't really pay that well. FYL though for having a ******** boyfriend but if you leave him for a long time that's probably not what he wanted.

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hah wow I feel bad for you op

15 - But its OK for guys to pay for girls right? Great double standard.

Yeah, cuz that's the way rich nerds get hot girls! Of course it's okay! A poor guy with a rich girl is what we call a deadbeat loser. Gold diggers are much better! Wait, no they're not, well they are for the guy. Um idk wtf I'm sayin.

Well paying off some lazy bitches debt isn't a good idea for men or women so I'd say in this case not necessarily a double standard but sure could be.

My comment was based off the statement "never pay for a guy". I could understand people who are married helping eachother clear debts... because think about it, it's gonna effect you in the long run anyway.

yeah yeah yeah. Why are people always provin me wrong? I used to think I was smart!

hey dosent basic training include teaching you how to use a gun..... well here's your chance to use one ....

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But that's the way I work! I rush everything. i Finnish art projects and stuff in half the time of other people. Were I to have sex, i'd probably cum early, too.

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He should take care of his own debt not have his significant other baby him.

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**** him. get another bank account and keep the money for yourself

73 Whats wrong with joining the army?

Well we shouldn't have women in the army cuz girls can't beat boys!!! Jk I love 5th grade. Anyway joining the army is good but you shouldn't really join for money, I guess. Although does the money you make actually get spent while your in the army, or does it go into savings? I know they pay room and food so I'd think you could put it straight to savings, but idk. Anyway I know the pays not great I'm just wondering I'm considering thinking about going into the navy but I doubt I will. What do we really need an army for though, Obama's not gonna start a war any time soon. Anyways I'd support anyone willing to risk their life for their country.

^well actually that last parts not always true cuz I'm sure usama bin laden and other terrorists and extemist thought they were heping the world but any sane, aware, and intelligent person with good intentions

haha # 55 i do, it was juuuust a

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Dont let her drive ur car then

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12, it's her HUSBAND... ♥

94 I think you meant to reply to the other fml... Sean usually people who join the army do so cause they had no drive to get a higher education and therefore feel the only way they can make 50k is to join the army and be a grunt. At least the ones who join an armed force with he intention of going to college using the tuition assistance provided by the government for their services are making use of what options they do have. IMO army as a career choice, not a good idea. Army as a stepping stone, better.

well the good news is he wasn't sucessful

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how do you try to cheat on someone..? Either you do or you don't

TRYING? to cheat Your boyfriend is a failure How can you try to cheat and not get anything >.>

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You do realize the U.S. is involved in two wars now, don't you?

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I am in the Army and they are paying for two degrees, and they make just fine money, I did not join because of being lazy and lacking options, if you want to be lazy army is not the one to join. I joined for college you don't have to have some higher calling to join just sone character and lack of laziness

leave his freeloading ass then. not an fml. just a chance to find someone worth a shit

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shoot him. they give you a gun right?..... oh yeah women cant shoot maybe just settle for a 3 way. No better way to punish your husband for cheating than liking his girlfriends pussy (: yummm you can send the pics my way if you take my advice

and that's the only reason you signed up to fight for your country? ydi for being a dumb *****. I hope you get dishonarably discharged.

um they do get payed well or some do. I just had a friends daughts husband join and he getting $3k plus they are paying for their home and food, water, and eletricity. when he finish basic training he will get between a $1k to a $7k added to the $3k but that per month, they get the best health care and make more money for each rank they go up ad when and what rank theynarenwhen they retire they still get money. That's more then alot of people make. I make between $500 to $800 and no health care.

116 I have no idea where you are going with that comment but I spent time in the army. I have an associates degree in aircraft maintenance. I am also a paramedic. I own my home and make a great living. So what the hell are you getting at. The army helped me with my careers. I have enough education that I can now do at least four different career paths that make decent money.

idk if you guys see this, but TRIED to cheat. ps, op you need a man. men can take care of themselves and their women. but boys need some help ;) find a real man

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he isn't necessarily in the army. some of the branches have jobs that can get you in to good careers and it's not all lazy unmotivated people but I'm sure there are plenty.

he should have joined the army. my brother who is a marine says army girls are terrible fighters.

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116- armed forces can be a great career. you earn college credit as you progress in your career and never stop learning new things. the pay is decent especially since we don't pay for health care or housing and most bills, such as gas and electric, are covered too. the longer you stay in, the mote money you make. not everyone has to be a "grunt" in the military. I'm air force and I'm a cop. my cousin is army and he is computer missal annalysis. plus the paper you get while deployed is outstanding!!! no, it's not the easiest job in the world, and definately not the least stressful, but it's still a great rewarding job that could have a career made out of it. also, not everyone who came in has no drive to go to college. I was in nursing school and my funds ran out. this was the only way I could pay for my degree. so please, do your research before you bash on ppl in the military. OP, I'm sry. I hope things work out for you, but don't pay for his debt.

looks like you just got some extra money

at Alzied,, you don't know what your talking about dude. both my mom and dad are in the army and have other careers as well. and government jobs pay very well. maybe you should know what you are talking about before you say anything.

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what do you mean 'trying' ?

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no divorce!! BAH with a dependant is btwn $800-$1200 a month on top of base pay. make him go live with his parents and just stay seperated as long as possible

I'm wondering if they married before or after she decided to enlist. Unfortunately, I've seen some couples jump into marriage for the better pay, only to find out they can't survive the separation.

Hope you learned enough training to kick his ass.

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tried to cheat...hahaha at least he didnt get any. i hope he trips over a rock the moment after you throw that guy out of you life lol

Wait.. he was trying? Sooo.... does that mean he didnt succeed? FYL - you probably have a gross hubby FYL - your hubby tried to cheat on you. FYL - you are paying off his debts.

how can a husband "TRY" to cheat on you?

technically that's not trying is it? he did it but he got caught so that would just be plain cheating.

Hitting on chicks without actually finding one willing to sleep with him.

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when he comes back cut his dick off :D

as my good friend Veronica Mars says: life's a bitch, and then you die. ): life bitch slapped you pretty hard there, OP. maybe karma will apologize for ya.

17- That quote is actually from a song. It's called "lifes a Bitch" by NaS.

i knoooow. but i'm bedridden and have been watching soooo much VMars that i just had to give her cred on this one.

This is why most men can't be trusted. Leave the cat alone, it'll play.

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37- it's odd what I'm about to say, but I agree with you, and Idc what others think, I have my own opinion.

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54, either Outkast is your mortal enemy, too... or you agree that women can have anal because they can't poop. color me quizzical.

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Well captain I'm not gay, so I'd have to decline anyway. But you got some nice white bitches in the pic!

68, i definitely thought you were about to say "nice white bitches on your list" and i was gonna get all "0.o" on your ass.

3? So now you tell me you have a split personality. So it's not the fact I drugged you last night made you forget the rape, it's the fact I raped the other you. It all makes sense now.

i... feel like i missed something. 78, we should be friends.

80, we should. Just not with benefits. I don't trust captain.

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