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Today, my wife decided that to help her stop smoking, she's also giving up the things that make her crave a cigarette. Sex is one of them. FML
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Don't worry, once the stress from not smoking kicks in she will be begging you for a release. Have fun!

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wow. seriously? it's all about you. I'm so sorry your wife is trying to extend her life and a fantastic thing like quitting smoking. but oh no, it SUCKS being you because your just going to die without sex. boohoo.


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that sucks. for you. just tell her she can put something else in her mouth after sex instead of a cigarette. ;)

don't call 125 a fake just because your not as pretty, go stick your opinions and thoughts up your ass and sit in a corner and think about the wrongs you must right. that is all.

wtf is u talkin about i think u are most definitly lost

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130- no she is not. she is not lost at all.

I'm way too lazy to go to google so what does smh stand for

noo it does not mean that its like somthin yhu say wen ur disappointed in people

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207, why you steal all mah worldly possesions, huh?? :'(

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Sorry, I'm not a smoker I wouldn't know, just thought I'd throw it out there. @87 - Hehe :)

jess your quote it's suppose to be " I'm a lover not a fighter but I'll fight for what I love."

251- don't they blow steam instead of smoke so you can quit without damaging your lungs?

254, no her quote is correct. there are two variations of that quote. macaroni for effort, though.

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Yeah, it is definitely water vapor that you inhale that has nicotine in it. They seem like a really awesome idea, but I don't think they would help most because it is very different and they don't seem as strong to me, even though the package says 2 or 3 puffs from an e-cig has the same nicotine content as an entire regular cigarette. If that truly is the case it just makes the body more dependent on nicotine instead of weaning you off of it. Chantix, the patch, or gum is really the best way to break the habit for those who can't quit cold turkey. I personally just smoked fewer cigs each day. But I was mostly just breaking the habit of having something in my hand compared to a nicotine addiction. I find habits are really hard to break and the chemical addiction seems to just be part of the habit, for me.

the electronic ones do reduce the tar though. that's one of the biggest issues that screws with Ur lungs. sorry op I think that's pretty ridiculous.

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"hey honey! I'm giving up smoking!" "that's great!" "I hope you also don't like having sex either!" "BITCH. PLEASE."

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your right! and your now funny either! moron. :)

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70- It's 'you're'. If you are going to pick on someone's spelling, you should be more careful.

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#236 If you're going to pick on someone then make sure you know what you are talking about. You mean grammar not spelling ass hat.

238- What are you talking about? 70 was ragging on the error of 63 typing 'now' and not 'not'. That is called misspelling a word. Hence a 'spelling error'.

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I am talking about you not them. your and you're are grammar mistakes not spelling. Anybody can spell, so please refer yourself to the nearest elementary school.

lol 70 was not raging... not even close

@242 You originally attacked 70 on your and you're. That's called grammar. @246 Your grammar f%+king sucks. Way to go, asshat. @255 Raging and ragging are 2 different words. Btw, my spelling and grammar leave alot to be desired, so flame if you must. :)

I get to flame myself. @242 I misuderstood your statements intent, and now realize it was a direct attack on his grammar for making fun of another's spelling. I chose to recomment since it won't let me edit my original post on my phone. I accept my own asshattedness and realize just how much more of an asshat 246 was. XD

TomFelton - win :) mandyd80 - fail I hope 80 isn't your birth year. It would be sad to know you're 30 and trolling comment fields on websites looking to correct spelling & grammar of teenagers. Might be time to get a job and move out of your parents' house.

278, agreed. and yes, I'm making fun of 63 of his gramatical error. want me to retype it? you're right! and you're now funny, either! moron. :) are you happy, you pieces of crap that stay on FML all day correcting people that auctually have a life on their "grammar"?

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Maybe he's dyslexic and meant "Now that's funny?"

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yea its the internet, no one has to spell or have good grammer... its an option. but we do prefer good grammer and spelling even though i suk with grammer more than spellong :P

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Shove a cigarette in her mouth, bend her over, and tell her she can give up sex, but you won't.

DAMMIT! how dare you break the "nice" roll! SHAME ON YOU! XD

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Ruin everything? lol I'm sure your used to having things ruined and especially familiar with the term 'fail', but hey, it's ok, not everyone can be a success in life. Now, go back and get my damn fries.

im not ur mom go get ur own damn fries. :P

Hey, can people please stop embarrassing themselves by fighting over the silliest things. Thank you.

Don't worry, once the stress from not smoking kicks in she will be begging you for a release. Have fun!

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Sex isn't the only way to relieve stress. Smoking is a bad addiction, if the OP wants her to live a healthy life then he should suck it up and support her. He's being a baby whining about it.

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well... she might find a new pipe to smoke ...........

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Think about it like this OP: when she is finally through with cigarettes, you can have all the sex you want with her. You'll get much more sex after this whole quitting is done.

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wish her luck bro, I've been trying to quit for a year now!! ={

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well, yes. the things I crave a smoke from are big dinners, being board and stress. sex releases the stress. also, drinking is a big NO nothing better than a smoke and alcohol. that's just me.