By Rin - 15/01/2010 08:02 - United States

Today, I found some pictures of the boy I have a crush on online. Not only is he a crossdresser, but he's also a better looking woman than I am. FML
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Well maybe your a better looking man than he is!

There is a cross-dresser at my school. We always question which bathroom it uses. My L.A. class discussed it and decide we should build it an outhouse in the feild outside. I think it wants to get a sex change, it's got like the fishnets, the short shorts and mini skirts, died pink hair in pigtails, eyebrows died pink, a face CAKED with make-up. The whole shebang. I still dislike it.

lol, you've got Jeffree Star at your school?

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just because this person cross dresses, that doesn't make them an it that just means they're different from everyone else, just like EVERYONE ELSE

If you really love someone, you should love them for all their quirks, even if they do something like cross dress. If the OP is really serious about their crush (which they probably aren't, it's just a crush after all), cross dressing shouldn't mean anything.

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i lol'd hard, but you deserve it for being ugly

Well? Are you going to share the URL of those pictures?

sounds like he's got the best of both worlds.

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Make sure they are not just Haloween pics, when i first met my husband i saw pics of him dressed as a woman, thought it was wierd, but they were from haloween and he really made a horrible woman. If the pics you saw are from Haloween enjoy the fact that he has a sense of humor. If they are from more "occasions" then yeah.... time to move on.

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#8 - Why 'time to move on'? Aren't clothes just things you wear? Some of my best guy-friends crossdress, and they are a blast. Their wives know and just go "what? it's just clothes!" They aren't gay, they aren't wanting to change, they just like being pretty. Most of these wives find men who crossdress to be kinder, more attentive to their needs and and more likely to understand when you are having a really bad day. Sometimes I even give the guys wardrobe advice - "Umm... mini-skirts on a 50 year old boy .. ummm no!" OP, don't assume all is lost, talk to him about it, you may find the person is worth getting over cultural hang-ups. #3 has the idea, maybe you'll find a friend and a boyfriend: if he looks so good, he certainly can give a good opinion on your look. If his heart is right, you're very likely to get more clothes and gifts because he knows how important they can be to you.

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now that's really sad a man dressed as a woman looks better than you...hmmm

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why u lookin for pics u creeper

I don't see the fml here. Maybe that he makes a better woman? Other than that sounds like a pretty open guy. Lucky lol.

And you've got a boyfriend who will go shopping with you and help you pick out clothes. I fail to see the FML.