By iKaite - United Kingdom
Today, I received a phone call from my son's school. Apparently, for the past week he has been telling everyone "mummy works as a drug dealer." I'm a pharmacist. FML
iKaite tells us more :
rofl, dont worry I told him off and sent him to bed without cake.
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By  krez  |  20

Long ago, after a DARE program, my younger sister told her teacher our father used to drink but now he just takes drugs. She was referring to the fact that he had recently had a heart attack, so his doctor told him to lay off the weekend beers for a while and prescribed several meds.

It is funny in retrospect, but you know the teacher, guidance counselor, principal, etc all got real worried for a bit there, and were ready to call DYFS on a moment's notice if it wasn't explained away promptly.