By iKaite - 15/01/2010 07:56 - United Kingdom

Today, I received a phone call from my son's school. Apparently, for the past week he has been telling everyone "mummy works as a drug dealer." I'm a pharmacist. FML
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iKaite tells us more.

rofl, dont worry I told him off and sent him to bed without cake.

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Lol. Guess you still are a drug dealer. You're the legal drug dealer!

pharmacist...the politically correct drug dealer


What's so FML about that? It's just funny.

I think people are starting to forget that FML is about bad thing that happen to you. Not good things like MLIA.

well done, your first, jackass.

wow....lmfao. wise old kid! 

But you are a drug dealer, GG.

im in college to be a pharmacist too!! but technically you are drug dealer :)

That's awesome...

You're no Heisenberg but you do make good money ;)

You are still a drug dealer, just a glorified white collar drug dealer.

Yeah, it's not like he was lying. His just a smartarse.

I love it how people easily conclude things! This made my night. XD

Lol. Guess you still are a drug dealer. You're the legal drug dealer!

I actually did this same thing in Dad was a narcotics agent :)

Long ago, after a DARE program, my younger sister told her teacher our father used to drink but now he just takes drugs. She was referring to the fact that he had recently had a heart attack, so his doctor told him to lay off the weekend beers for a while and prescribed several meds. It is funny in retrospect, but you know the teacher, guidance counselor, principal, etc all got real worried for a bit there, and were ready to call DYFS on a moment's notice if it wasn't explained away promptly.

Well, you are technically dealing drugs, even if they aren't illegal.

everyone loves awesomefaces.


so what? you tell them you're a pharmacist, have a word with you son, and be done with it. no need to announce it to the fml world...

Its funny so be quiet

there are so many FMLs almost exactly like this.