By imawesome - 02/03/2012 03:54 - United States

Today, I wondered if my orgasms are worth the bother, seeing as I get horrible "I feel like I'm dying" cramps every time I climax. FML
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Might want to see a doctor about that.

If it really hurts bad, you should see a doctor, no joke.


Might want to see a doctor about that.

Yea seriusly go to doctor. Don't feel shy about it just go.......

Hey OP if you're a guy you just need not tense up so bad when you get close to the moment. Learn to relax more. Cus those kinda cramps suck ass. I've gotten those and theyre not fun.

14 a lot of people receive cramps just before or during orgasm, just not like the ops describing. something tells me these cramps won't just go if he relaxes. he shouldn't feel embarrassed to go to the doctor, it might not be life threatening but if something is wrong and it's caught quickly enough it can be treated and he can orgasm without pain :)

I realize that 17, it was just a situation Ive had before and I thought I might try to help with advise instead of saying some shitty remark like, sucks to be you OP. You know?

yeah this guys right that might be a medical condition that might beed to examined just saying :/

I agree it was a much better response than one that doesn't help whatsoever... apologies :)

please go see a doc before the situation worsens! once you're ok, i am sure you will find sex pleasurable :) feel better soon!

Speaking of useless comments. How has there not been 1 "doesn't matter, had sex" yet. I'm pretty sure every FML remotely related to sex has one of these.

Doesnt matter had sex

It doesn't say OP had sex. OP could be lonely and just jacking off.

I had that. You might have an ovarian cyst (assuming you're a female).

That's so not normal!!!! Make a Drs appt ASAP

Orgasms are always worth it. ;)

Probably not if they make her feel like she's dying.

(S)He really should go to the doctor, he shouldn't have to miss out :|

Maybe a different position should be arranged. (;

I have the same problem. No position helped, so I just have to make sure my guy climaxes before I do

I'm sorry 82. :( Everyone deserves to be sexually satisfied. (excluding pedos)

OP should get herself checked out for endometriosis.

That was my thought 113, unfortunately that's quite possibly the least serious condition she may be suffering from (if she is in fact a she!) Pelvic Inflammatory Disease, Ovarian Cysts, Uterine Fibroids, the scary "C" word... Etc. all can present like that. Definitely a good thing to get checked out.

82- that sucks ass. Really.

If it really hurts bad, you should see a doctor, no joke.

Cum on now, there's no need for doctors..... No pun intended.

42- you're a comedic genius, aren't you?

#42 I'm sorry but...what pun are you talking about? I didn't see one in your comment...

80- he misspelled come

#80 you would have to be slow not to be able to see that

Hey 80 im 12 and even I got that

OP that sucks. Coukdnt even imagine that. Maybe see a doctor

I coukdnt imagine that either. Imagine if a dude had the equivalent. *shudder*

Who says OP isn't a dude?

I wonder Wat wud happen if u tak viagra!

Go get that checked out pronto! No buena!

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your hand is so lucky

The tweezers aren't though

Don't you mean thimble?

Doesn't matter had sex

Yeah he had sex. With his hand.

You had an orgasm because you read something about an orgasm? That's a bit pathetic...

U truly deserve "my life suck "icon OP am sorry hope u can get help from a doctor

And as shown by popular vote here on FML... You should probably go see a doctor.

I dont think those feelings are quite normal so you probably should go to a doctor.