By Anon - 21/04/2009 18:21 - United States

Today, I finally exchanged pictures with the woman I've been seeing online for some time now. She replied, saying "Thats not funny. Some people actually look like that." I sent my real picture, and thought I actually looked pretty good in it. FML
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I think #10 is going to be getting some nasty stuff in her inbox soon.

Oh dang, that sucks.


ahah ouch, it sucks to be ugly

123sploosh 0

i bet you are ugly. matt.

haaaahaaaaa! YDI for meeting someone online (:

op is probably just obese which is different from ugly but worse

LaneyyLOVE 0

yea Matt, where's your picture bud?! aha.

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your ego ____ __________ unrecoverable. at best. -_-

Beast962 4

Im guessing your used to it right?

Oh dang, that sucks.

Ooh! FYL indeed. Well, at least you're not the only one who's apparently ugly.

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lol that stinks

steinway 0


we need a picture..

Send me a pic! My email address is [email protected] I really want to see!

SynysterNero 20

You do realize now anyone can send you stuff right?

ok, I shall apply you to every spam mail website in existence

Too late now though spending your time to spam a mailbox which most probably have not been used for 4-5 years.


So what should i type on google to see it? troll, monster guy, stalker ugly man......? TELL ME!! lol

Try Godzilla