By DL06 - United States
Today, I met a guy online. We talked all night long and hit it off amazingly. He told me he'd never felt that way about anyone else, and I agreed. He sent me a picture and he was gorgeous. I sent him one after he assured me he didn't care what I looked like. I haven't heard from him since. FML
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  threer  |  30

Us... Creeps?

By  kellster  |  2

Ah yes, welcome to the world of online dating. Just so you know, they ALWAYS care. More and more people are dating online; don't let the jerks on here convince you otherwise. It's becoming very common, since people are generally too busy or too insular in their professional lives to meet people otherwise, but yeah - this one is a pretty standard occurrence. I'm sorry!

By  EffinWhosLife  |  0

It would be better if you tried to go for someone in the real world. Online dating works sometimes, but then again, you never know who's really behind that computer. Im not rating this one.