By scribbles1475 - 15/12/2011 05:00 - United States

Today, after trying to find the perfect picture for the guy I have a huge crush on, I finally found one and sent it to him. His return picture? Himself in a Batman mask and sombrero. FML
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What!?!? Batman isn't sexy enough for you? A sultry Mexican batman at that too. Your one of those robin girls aren't you. freak!!!


Man, I got sick of this overused comment.

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It's a reference to Amalie. Watch the movie & you'll definitely want to keep him.

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guys who have a good sense of humor are one of the best there is. besides, the awesome Mexican hat dancing is a bonus! :D

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FML? I do not see the issue here! That is hilarious!

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Why were you sending him pictures of himself?

That's what I thought too, But I think OP sent a picture of herself to her crush.

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Why is 2 getting buried? It's a perfectly valid question. Is this what passes for flirting these days? Sending random pics to your crush? Yeah, good luck with that tactic, OP. Oh & mr 05559, you feel slick now, don't ya?

I completely agree with seedlessme. Totally bizarre she would send a picture of herself to some guy she simply has a crush on. And she definitely wasn't clear in her post. I guess it's a good thing, though...she can stop putting energy into this guy now that she knows he is clearly not interested.

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My guess is that they were just setting contact pictures for each other

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You guys think it is weird to send pictures of yourself to your crush? I don't I think it's weird i think its adorable and makes me smile when I see a picture of the girl I like it makes my day better just seeing a picture of her.

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This guy sounds like he's fun. How is this an FML?

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Its was JUST a batman mask and sombrero

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Could've been worse. Could've been Robin and a cowboy hat.

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Or a mike Meyers mask in a birthday suit...

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Or a superman mask and red tights

What!?!? Batman isn't sexy enough for you? A sultry Mexican batman at that too. Your one of those robin girls aren't you. freak!!!

El batmano to serve and protect the people from the cartels of Mexico

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Win...why can't all guys be that cool!?

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Because not every guy has a sombrero

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Well, it's better than sending you a picture of his penis with a sombrero on it

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I thought that it was going to be a picture of his winkie.

lol I read Twinkie...I'm so hungry or I'm a fatass :(

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I agree with scarface90. He's probably just trying to make you laugh. Or he feels like he can share his dorkyness with you.

mama2b3 20

or trying to disguise his true identity.

Send him one back of you wearing a Catwoman mask (:

A leather mask.... Seems a little BDSM to me lol