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  SeedlessMe  |  13

Why is 2 getting buried? It's a perfectly valid question.
Is this what passes for flirting these days? Sending random pics to your crush? Yeah, good luck with that tactic, OP.

Oh & mr 05559, you feel slick now, don't ya?

  AndysFancy  |  6

I completely agree with seedlessme. Totally bizarre she would send a picture of herself to some guy she simply has a crush on. And she definitely wasn't clear in her post. I guess it's a good thing, though...she can stop putting energy into this guy now that she knows he is clearly not interested.

  12dcevin  |  5

You guys think it is weird to send pictures of yourself to your crush? I don't I think it's weird i think its adorable and makes me smile when I see a picture of the girl I like it makes my day better just seeing a picture of her.