By beingthebossisoverrated - 16/07/2009 02:08 - United States

Today, I realized the extent of my crush on one of my employees. I found myself cropping our picture out of the staff photo to see what we would look like as a couple. FML
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Oh my god, you're REALLY creepy...

This isn't an FML. If it turns out that they leave you to work for a rival company and run you out of business, then that's an FML. >>


Oh my god, you're REALLY creepy...

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Agreed. Haha I hope the poor guy doesnt actually go out with the OP, shes probly psycho.

What's with everyone? There's nothing majorly creepy about this. She was probably quite bored. Besides, does no one remember their last crush? You do get really obsessed over the object of your desires.

Wat makes u think it's a girl? For all we know it culd be some Loser guy

Because it says "(woman)"..


A) you're creepy...very creepy B)'re stupid. learn to read. C) lists are fun.

i once photoshopped my crush naked, then i fapped really hard and had the biggest orgasm of my llife

exact words came to mind

#47: yeah, the last time I acted that way when I had a crush, I was in high school. The OP is an adult, and somehow managed to convince someone she was supervisor material, so she should have outgrown such behavior by now. THAT is why this is creepy.

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That's not really an FML. You have a crush on an employee. So? Ask them out. Maybe they'll say yes if they never see that picture. :D

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Maybe he's taken, and she knows that she won't have a chance with him...?

I agree; this isn't an FML. #64: If that's what the author meant, she should have said so.

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Since she's the employee's superior, that could also be considered sexual harassment. If she really wants to ask the employee out, she should consult her superior or HR to see what the company policy is. Also, she should be careful, because if the employee finds out about what she's doing with the picture cropping thing, she could get in a lot of trouble.

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Yeah, that is a pretty weird thing to do.

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you needed a picture? what're you..12?

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This is not normal Dont let anyone fool you that it is. Consult a physician immediately before this worsens.

LOLL xDD wow.

wow one word says it all... wow

This isn't an FML. If it turns out that they leave you to work for a rival company and run you out of business, then that's an FML. >>

its an FML when he finds out you posted this on

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Wow uummm..... Creepy much???